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Today was a hard day for me personally. Last night as we were leaving the orphanage - we found a puppy laying next to the road. Someone had dumped her off, hoping the orphanage would care for her. She was severely dehydrated and had an open wound on her back. Maggots were eating away at her flesh.. I know GROSS! One of the women from the orphanage had medicine that would treat the wound and cause the maggots to leave..... so she applied it and then they put the puppy in a nearby field - hoping the farmers there would care for it.

I cried and cried last night. I wanted soo much to take this little soul home and care for it, although I felt as though my hands were tied and that there was nothing I could do - but pray... I felt soo much compassion for that little puppy - knowing that she was all alone, abandoned, and hurting....How could anyone not do something, not reach out to help her, to just sit and watch her suffer?

Then I realized - I am not home.

It was the first time, throughout this whole trip, I felt that the people who live here are different from the people in the US. Sure there are people in the US that would sit and do nothing also, but as a whole - people here do not place the same value on animals as we do. Cats and dogs are not cared for. They are left to fend for themselves and run freely throughout the island. They are not pets or companions...

As we were walking back to the missionary center tonight, I witnessed three small children dumping a litter of newborn kittens off on the side of the road. We asked them if they had found them and they giggled and just walked off leaving them lay in a plastic bag next to the road. It was all I could do to keep walking, to put them out of my mind, to not weep uncontrollably for the harsh brutalities of this world. This was the first time on this journey I wished I was home - snuggling up next to my cat, Sugar - far away from this place.

On a lighter note - the good news is the puppy is still alive! She made it through the night. When I arrived at the orphanage I went looking for her. I was soo happy to see that God answered my prayer - SHE WAS ALIVE! I fed her my leftovers from breakfast and gave her some water. She seemed pleased and grateful for my kindness. As I rubbed her little head and looked at her precious little face, I could see the longing in her eyes.... the longing to be wanted and loved.

Please continue to pray for her with me. She is nowhere in the "safe zone" yet. Each night is another challenge for her to keep fighting to survive. My hope is that someone will show compassion and care for her -also that she will be a blessing to them.

abubu says:
you are such a compassionate person. i wish more tourists like you visit the philippines and touch the lives of our people. keep up the good work! this is the best post i've ever read in travbuddy and i wish more people will do the same. it shows the pureness of your heart and caring so much for god's creatures. great post!
Posted on: Aug 29, 2007
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