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Singapore is HOT.  year round its humid and jungle feeling and hot.  And really really westernized.  And its like the most diverse harmonious place i've ever been.  Lots of people from india and china.  We are staying near little india and its ALL indian men.  I dont know where the wives are...but its mainly men.  I had to buy a scarf to cover up becasue i started feeling really uncomfortable and was getting looked at like i was some prostitute.  But that means that there is awesome food.  I think the indian food is better here than the chinese.  Its so modern and western here i almost don't really like it.  There are TONs of coffee beans and McDs and pizza huts.  Skyscrapers and mall after mall after mall.  And its so so so expensive.  Not only is there dollar worse than the euro but everything is completely marked up and overpirced.  We went to a super market and a thing of nuts was $7! Thats in singapore dollars so US is almost 10.  I tried to go out but it didn't go very well.  The bar at the hotel told me they didnt allow "slippers" (flip flops) and then went onto the street Tried to go to a bar and i was THE ONLY GIRL/WOMAN/FEMAILE.  Not so cool. Once again all indian men.  Hope that whole going out at night thing gets a bit better...it prob won't in malaysia because its a completely muslim country.  So that will be interesting.  Oh and something else funny.  So this may be the cleanest place EVER.  spotless and orderly.  The metro is pristine.  We saw people having picnics in the metro stations ON THE FLOOR.  The only thing i've ever seen people do on the floor of metro stations in other places (paris etc) is pee! WEIRD!
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