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So im attempting a travel blog again...after my troubles that came as a result of doing it last summer.  Hopefully it won't be visible this time to a future employer when googling my name :)  So i got to Israel Monday at like 4 am.  The flight was whatever....always a little bit of drama.  The flight was overbooked and they offered me 700 euros to take it the next day.  Im kind of still wondering why i didn't do it! But alas its all good.  I slept a lot on the plane so much to the point that i sat next to a hot guy from frankfurt-tel aviv and i couldn't even maintain a convo because i was passing out.  Since ive been here its been pretty busy.  Seeing a lot of family/friends etc.  My first day my sister and i went into tel aviv and walked around the area where our grandparents used to live....which is kind of like the weho of tel aviv.  IT was a lot of older people and not trendy and then it blew up and is now all young hipsters and hella cafes, bars, and boutiques.  I liked it:)  We went to meet up with our cousins (one of which was the one getting married) and it was realllllllllly weird.  I used to play with these people when i was younger and now they are ALL  married and 2 of them have kids already.  They are just 3-4 years older.  Tues nigtht was my cousin's wedding which was even weirder because it was the super jew side of the family.  I've never seen anyting like that.  It was pretty much sex segregated.  An area for the women to dance and a sep area for the men.  I def felt very very out of place.  I tried to babysit the bar but it unfortunately didn't work out very well.  Pictures are soon to come.  The funniest part was prob seeing the groom dancing with all his superjew ortho boys.  And then this one dude starts dancing and whips out a box and reveals a fifth of jack.  He proceeded to chug it and pass it around.  3 of them finished it in 5 mins.  TRUTH.  I was in absolute shock.  I ddin't know they partied so hard.  The next day we woke up pretty early in the morning and did something very very interesting.  We hired a private guide and took a tour of east jerusalem.  It was prob the most intersting and ultimately heart-wrenching thing  i've done since i've been here.  More to come on that later.  Went back into tel aviv (there is a lot of that) with my sis and cousin (non freak ortho one) and walked around then went to dinner for my sister's b-day.  That was fun.  I've basically been force fed since i've gotten here.  Ugh.  Today we drove to Haifa and did more visitng and walking around and eating.  The 3 main things i'e been doing.  Not too exciting but there are all these peeps that haven't seen me since i was like 13.  I actually did the driving.  First time ive ever driven here.  Its like driving on the west side during rush hour...but no one signals.  Im excited for thsi weekend though! Tonight we are going out and then on sat we are going to eilat (vegas of israel) for 4 days.  Wooooooooooooooo!   i seriously can't wait.  Trouble is coming :)  Anyhooooo thats it for now.  EMAIL ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo muah!

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