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Something about a 6th story terrace with a view of the river at night demands that cocktails be drunk. And (shitty and overpriced) cocktails we did drink. Similarly, something about a mountaintop and fiery red sunset demands that beers be drunk. And (actually quite excellent) beers we did drink.

Like the rest of this journey, the last 24 hours have been overwhelmingly full. We spent last night in Can Tho, and spent most of today in Chau Doc, a lovely town only a stone's throw away from Cambodia. The bus ride up here was taken with a new friend, Laura, who tomorrow will be boarding a boat and sailing off to Phnom Penh, capital of Cambodia. We also went hiking together, on Sam Mountain, a sacred mountain nearby, though apparently not too sacred to have a military base and numerous drinking establishments. The temples were gorgeous. And the sunset was even more gorgeous, esp. when accompanied by a few hefty bottles of Saigon Beer. And the summit was possibly the only place in the world where you can throw in a prayer to Buddha, feed monkeys potato chips and blow holes in empty beer cans, all within a few meters of each other.

To top off the day, we had some pho at a street stand, and I ate what may be the single most objectionable food ever to vegetarians, pro-life activists and anyone with western culinary sensibilities. I do not know the name in Vietnamese, but in English, I like to call it "duck abortion", "the evil egg", "non-vegetarian egg", or simply, "the Egg"(note the capital E). You can do the math yourself. Check my facebook gallery for more info.

Tomorrow we are going on yet another river cruise, and will visit, among other things, a Cham minority village and an old battleground from the American War, complete with an extensive network of tunnels. Should be a blast!
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Chau Doc
photo by: Riz7