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Barcelona is one of my favorite city's, partly because of the Gaudi architecture. When I heard Kiev had it's own Gaudi, Vladislav Gorodetsky, of course I had to go & check it out.  As his most important works were listed: the House with Chimaeras, the St. Nicholas Roman Catholic Cathedral and the National Art Museum of Ukraine.
First on the list: House with Chimaeras.  It's often compared to Casa Mila, the famous Gaudi building. House with chimaereas was actually build before Casa Mila.

Chimera is a creature in Greek mythology that's made of all kinds of animals.  I can see why it's called the chimera building; the place was decorated with a wide variety of aninimals: frogs, eagles, elephants, rhino's, deer and fish-like creatures I couldn't make out.
When you're standing in front of teh building (on Bankova street), it looks like there are only 3 floors. The house with chimaera's was build on a steep hill and when you go around it (there's a small door in the gate on the left) you see the building has more floors.
If you like architecture you should definately go see this when you're in Kiev. It's only a short (uphill) walk from independence square.
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photo by: Biedjee