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in the park

The image I took of the leopard was an amazing experience. A colleague at Nairobi University had arranged for a driver to collect me very early so that we could get out into the park at dawn. Which we did, not sure how they managed it but we were the first vehicle on the park that morning. At first we saw very little as it was quite dark but as the sun rose we managed to see more and more. From the lower plain it was hard to see too much so the guide (Harry) decided to get some height. We went up quite a way onto the plateau until we had a very good veiw. We stayed there for about 20 mins whilst Harry scanned the horizon.

I was watching a herd of Zebra just a few kilometers from us and I could see they were all looking in the same direction and did not seem at ease.

Nyali Beach, Mombassa
I alerted Harry and asked him what he thought...he was excited. He took a good look, mentally marked where they were looking and then we dived into the Landrover and headed off at what I felt was a bit of a breakneck speed...good fun though.

As we got lower Harry slowed down and kept the revs low as we approached the area we saw from above. The Zebra were still there and still on alert. Harry stopped the Landrover and we started scanning the grass bewteen us and the at the ready I was sure there would be something there..perhaps a Cheetah as these are fairly common and like to lay in the khaki grass. Nothing. We were getting ready to move on when I looked on the other side of the rover, into some scrub at the base of the hill we had just come off...I was stunned.

There was a leopard just stood there looking at us. I told Harry and then took some snaps. It took a while to get a good shot but finally I did and luckily as just then the big cat turn and sauntered away.

Perhaps we had disturbed his hunt but I did some reasearch on the cats and read that they prefered to hunt in the scrub rather than on the plain, so I guess he was just having a snoop at the two humans who were in the area :0)

Harry was pleased and told me he had never seen a Leopard in the park...but perhaps he said that all the time :)

An amazing experience!

boriana84 says:
Wonderful Experience! Very exciting!
Posted on: Aug 08, 2007
Sunflower300 says:
Wow! How fantastic!
Posted on: Aug 03, 2007
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in the park
in the park
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