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Backpacker Lodge! Stanthorpe, Australia
After a 3 hour drive from Brisbane, we reached Stanthorpe. Once we arrived at the Hostel, we introduced ourselves to John, he lived next door to the Hostel in a little house, he leased the whole plot of land and was charging everyone $130 per person per week plus that included lifts to and from the farms everyday. There was probably about 25 people living there so you can do the maths and see how much he was raking in. Soon as we settled in he told us he was off to the pub, we met a couple of other backpackers there, mostly German and Swedish and they told us he is a proper pisshead! We never noticed the temperature drop until the evening and it did go cold, the coldest I have felt yet in all of Australia, i suppose being 910m above sea level, im not surprised.
Me + Dee unpacking in Backpacker Lodge! Stanthorpe, Australia

The next Morning we woke up at 6am not looking forward in the slightest, freezing as you can imagine, all of us got in the bus and were away to the farm. We arrived at the farm and they told us to keep our water bottles with us and to jump on the tractor. The first thing we done was learning how to pick courgettes, we had to cut them a certain length and could only pick them if they were a certain size and colour. The farmer told us that we came at the wrong time and they were out of season, we all thought 'great, why are we even here'? The money I suppose. We all started off picking and after half an hour I asked how much we would get and the Farmer told us $2.70 per bucket, crap or what, most of the plants were bare and was very hard to find big ones. An hour went past and we were all complaining about our backs, such a back breaker having to drag your bucket whilst cutting the things.
Backpacker Lodge Front Garden! Stanthorpe, Australia
Anyway we made it till the end of the day, we all picked just over 50 buckets each which I thought was pretty good but our backs were punished for it.

The next day was similar, we had to pick peppers, the buckets were a lot bigger and so were the pepper but still back breaking.

We arrived back at the Hostel and by know we had met many people, we found out that 99% of the people there smoked dope, probably a bad thing because they were constantly offering it to us and cos there wasn't much to do here, it was hard to say no! We all found it very hard to spend any money here which was a good thing but couldn't stand the work, to sum it up, Farmers are as tight as they come, proper slave labour!

To cut a long story short, we did this for a week and left on the Monday Night without paying our rent to John, we thought it wouldn't be a bad idea to do this because we knew he could stop our money from the Farmers.
Backpacker Lodge sky at night! Stanthorpe, Australia
We had to wait until Thursday to see if the money goes through, all of us aren't confident in the slightest but there was no way we would do fruit picking again and wouldn't recommend it to anyone unless you want your Second Working Visa.

We headed back to Brisbane to try and find a Proper Job, hopefully a laboring position, knowing it would be difficult to get something quick plus being low on cash. We all have savings but dont want to go into it unless we are desperate.

I didn't take any photos of the Hostel or anything in Stanthorpe because it was a hole, lol.

Will keep you all posted.

Speak soon.
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Backpacker Lodge! Stanthorpe, Aust…
Backpacker Lodge! Stanthorpe, Aus…
Me + Dee unpacking in Backpacker L…
Me + Dee unpacking in Backpacker …
Backpacker Lodge Front Garden! Sta…
Backpacker Lodge Front Garden! St…
Backpacker Lodge sky at night! Sta…
Backpacker Lodge sky at night! St…
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