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I meet Portia!!!

I left work early and headed to the Phoenix airport to catch my plane.  A mere two hour flight later, and I was in San Jose.

Normal, while traveling domestically, I won't be caught off guard by things I find in airports - but today I was.  In the San Jose airport bathrooms, they have something I have never seen before, ever; when I entered the stall, on the wall behind the toillet, there is a small fold-down baby car-seat type device to strap your toddler into about 4 feet off the ground so (I suppose) they won't have to be on the bathroom floor?  A first for me.

I got my rental car and headed to Sebs, to meet him and Portia, who, after a flurry of phone calls and emails just this morning, had said she was coming up to meet us for dinner!! 

I actually had a little trouble finding the right exit from the airport, but quickly all was resolved, and I was at Sebs, and at Portia's side!!  I parked the car and went over; she was on the cell phone and asked if I wanted to talk to Eric, who she was currently on the phone with, and handed the phone over.

Seb outside the restaurant we picked for dinner.
  I took it laughing and greeted Eric; "I'm with your mom!!!!"

Portia and I took a minute out to do some cheesy self portraits of ourselves and then Seb was there to greet us.  Sebatian Le Tuan  is one of the 4 fellows that actually STARTED Couchsurfing; we've written just a bit for about 5 months, and I was really looking forward to both meeting him and finally "surfing his couch". 

After settling my bag in his apartment, the three of us headed to dinner.  We went to an area of San Jose called "The Pruneyard" for dinner.  We settled on a Japanese place for dinner.  It was only ok (review to come) but the company was AMAZING.  Having an evening with Portia was something I have waited a very long time for, and it was incredible.

Seb and Portia at our great dinner.
  She is so smart, and so insightful.  I couldn't believe she had spent the time to come up and meet us for dinner - it completely changed the start of my trip, and made it so much more fulfilling and meaningful.

Also, she taught me a word in Chinese, that of course I can't tell you now - but the meaning of it blew me away.  We don't have a word that means the same thing in English.   Basically, (and I hope I don't mess this up!!) It talks about the people you are fated to meet in life.  For instance, if you are on a crowded street, and you make eye contact with someone, you were MEANT to do so; the people that were also on that street you didn't see, you weren't meant to see.

This all came up  actually because we were talking about Lisa and Andi (Hi guys!!) and how lucky I was to meet them.

My room for the night. Couchsurfing is a hard life...
   I feel that lucky to have met Portia as well.  It was an enormous blessing.

Likewise, Seb was a joy.  It's hard to explain him; he's gentle and smart, insightful and finds fascination in most every topic you can come up with.  He knows a ton of languages.  He is very humble.  Grateful was a word that came to my head a lot that night while thinking of him - I was just grateful to meet him, grateful to listen to what he had to say, grateful to know him.

Seb, Portia and I didn't leave the restaurant until 11:00 that night; the conversation had flown very freely as we discussed Couchsurfing and Travbuddy, life and travels, people and places... whatever came to mind.  It was a really lovely night.

Portia headed home, and Seb and I headed back upstairs.  Seb and I visited a while longer on his balcony, and we both shared the ways that Couchsurfing had changed our lives, made us stronger as people, and brought us in touch with very close friends... we talked about the natural generosity of spirit that exists in the world, and how much trusting people benefits you.  Then he went to finish some work he had, I read a little of my WONDERFUL book outside in the cool air, and I went to bed.


dodge says:
what a beautiful thought / experience you have :)
Posted on: Sep 26, 2007
rkeridwen says:
thanks for sharing this idea about the people we are supposed to meet. i like that. now when i make eye contact with someone, i won't attribute it to dumb luck. i will notice the meeting for what it is.
Posted on: Jul 29, 2007
AndiPerullo says:
What book did you read? And ni hao, ni hao Portia! :)
Posted on: Jun 18, 2007
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I meet Portia!!!
I meet Portia!!!
Seb outside the restaurant we pick…
Seb outside the restaurant we pic…
Seb and Portia at our great dinner.
Seb and Portia at our great dinner.
My room for the night.  Couchsurfi…
My room for the night. Couchsurf…
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