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The view from Seb's balcony!

Friday morning I woke up around 8:30, and enjoyed the balcony one last time - such a lovely view!  Seb and I had one last chat, and he made me an AMAZING CD to take with me on my drive up to Chico.  He also was spending the weekend with Donna, so I would see him that evening - he just had to do some work first before heading up.

So I left his place, armed with an awesome new cd of world music and drove towards Marysville, where my old ex-roommate Lisa now lives.

We had been roommate for about 4.5 years, from 1994 until she got married in 1999.  We've been thru thick and thin, and she's just had a new baby, her third; so it was a fantastic time to get to see her!  Our visits have been criminally rare the last few years, so this was better than gold.

Seb's place....

The trip up took a bit longer than expected with some traffic, but finally I was there.  We went out to a really lovely lunch with all three kids.  I especially love Evy, I can't help it, she's such a love and gives so much affection.  We ran into a store quickly after lunch to try to find me some comfortable sandals for the weekend, and she went straight to the glittering earings, just as I would have done at her age.  "BUY THESE!!!!!!" she cried.  Just as her mother began to explain to her that's not what I was there for, I looked at them; they were quite pretty, and $7.99... I told her I WOULD buy them, and think of her always when I wore there, and the pride on her face was the best thing ever.  Seriously, I wanted to take her with me when I left.

Then, up to Chico!!  The drive had it's glitches as well, but in the end I arrived, and Donna was there to greet me.

On the road to Marysville
  We've spent SO MUCH TIME on the phone together, and I've seen so many pictures, it wasn't like meeting someone for the first time at all! 

Now it's time to talk about Donna for a minute.  Obviously, everyone on Couchsurfing is a volunteer, and that's a big deal in itself; they volunteer to share themselves with others, they volunteer to share their homes, or their time...  But then there is a core group of volunteers that work their butts off to keep that website up and functional; and Donna is most certainly one of the top ones.  Hours, and hours, and hours she spends.... every day.... keeping CS going.  She is tireless in her efforts and her work.  It's really stunning.

We began to make the appitizers for when Amy (amypris) and Seb arrived, but then we got a call from them that they had been delayed as well; so Donna and I headed down to the park in the middle of town to hear Chico's famous live band, "Spark and Cinder".

The gang's all here...
  This band has been together for about 30 years, and when they play, Chico shows up to listen!!  They were really great, and it was a lot of fun to be there.

Also, the park held one of those water fountains where the water spurts up through spouts in the cement - the kids love it!!  I took some pics of the kids playing in it, the were fantastic to watch. 

I got to meet a ton of Donna's friends, and that was really great.  Then we headed back to the house, and Amy and Seb arrived.  We had an AMAZING dinner created by Donna (She is famous throughout the Couchsurfing community for her incredible cooking) and then hung out in the backyard until very, very late; finally, around 2:30 in the morning, we went to bed.  :-)

AndiPerullo says:
What songs were on the CD?

Ahhh, travelers are the best!!! Glad you had such a lovely time. :)
Posted on: Jun 18, 2007
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The view from Sebs balcony!
The view from Seb's balcony!
Sebs place....
Seb's place....
On the road to Marysville
On the road to Marysville
The gangs all here...
The gang's all here...
My favorite little girl Evy - than…
My favorite little girl Evy - tha…
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