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outside our unit

Now it's my turn to be home alone. Today is Andy's first day of training for his teaching job at 'Shane' English school. It's literally the first time we've spent more than a couple of hours apart since we left Wollongong almost 7 weeks ago. No wonder we're both going mad......

Actually, we're a great team, and it has been fun. Anyway, here is a photo of Andy in his suit. He didn't wear the jacket today cos it's only training. And wearing a jacket in this weather is ridiculous anyway.

We went to karaoke the other day for a bit of fun. It's cheap entertainment, but it's more fun if you go with a group of people and have a drink or two. Karaoke establishments are open 24 hours a day and the aircon is pumping 24 hours a day too. Rates vary according to whether you go during the daytime or nighttime and weekday or weekend. Daytime on a weekday is cheapest. Some people go by themselves! Not sure why - maybe to practise for when they go in bigger groups?? Actually I can picture myself crooning on my own in a little booth for an hour or so....mmm bit tragic perhaps.

The World Athletics being held in Osaka is on tv and I am watching it feeling rather ashamed of myself.......I should be at the gym or something...or not. Where do they get the drive? I just don't get it.

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outside our unit
outside our unit
photo by: maka77