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another fashion victim spotted in Harajuku

Thought I'd add an entry seeing as I haven't for a while. And some photos too.

It has cooled down a little, but it's still unusually hot for this time of year. The political world is in turmoil (although it normally is, so that's nothing new), and Japan has been without a PM for over a week. A new one is being selected by the leading party today. It will probably be Fukuda, the 71 yr old. So I want no more complaints from anyone that John Howard is "too old"............

Yesterday Andy I felt a bit masochistic and decided to go to Harajuku. 'Let's go shopping' is probably quite an inviting proposition to those who have never ventured to Harajuku on a Saturday (or any day for that matter).

t-shirts in cans
Harajuku is definitely for the young and image-conscious (and mad?) It was fun for about 10 minutes and then it became painful. There are sooooo many people and all the shops, for some strange reason, have incredibly loud music playing, and it's often hip-hop!!!!! Actually going into a shop and browsing involves elbowing my way around (without apologising - what's the point when it is actually the ONLY way to get past people, and by this stage I'm not  a person anyway, I've evolved into a Harajuku robot), or just standing still waiting for others to get past.

Harajuku is great for seeing very weird and wonderful fashions. It also attracts some tragic buskers  - I witnessed a very skinny man in hot pink budgie smugglers doing yoga-type poses and singing in a wailing style. Not sure if he was actually a busker, or what he was doing....but he was getting a lot of attention.

We also went into a shop that sells t-shirts in cans. The different styles are displayed on racks and when you find one you like you check what code it is and then find that code amongst the cans stored in the walls! Quite strange.....but a good idea for space conservation I guess.

Here are some pics of yesterday's outing.

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another fashion victim spotted in …
another fashion victim spotted in…
t-shirts in cans
t-shirts in cans
tea, a can! The dirty, …
tea, a can! The dirty,…
photo by: maka77