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There is a typhoon off the coast of Japan at the moment, near Tokyo and it is raining really heavily at the moment! Andy and I just got absolutely soaked walking home from the Indian restaurant we went to around the corner for tea. We had my laptop with us because we had just been to Akihabara in search of a new battery and more memory for it. We also had only one umbrella between the two of us and naturally the laptop had top priority for staying dry! 

Anyway, apart from the occasional earthquake, the grotesque humidity that alternates with pouring rain and violent winds, Tokyo really is a very comfortable place to live.....

Happy news on the fieldwork front - 2 MPs have agreed to be interviewed by me, and my first one is on Monday afternoon. I'm so excited! I've been practising with Andy but obviously that has been in English, so I'm going to try and practise with another Japanese research student from the US before the real interview.

I have borrowed an iPod from the uni to record the interviews, and the other day I thought I'd test it to see how it worked and see how long the battery would last while recording. I turned it on in the morning and left it on my desk next to my computer. Andy was getting ready to go out and I was on the computer. I noticed there were lots of news articles about Steve Irwin on the web so I yelled out to Andy that it must be the anniversary of this death. Anyway, we got talking about Steve Irwin, and then Germaine Greer, and we ended having a huge debate that got quite fiery (some would call it an argument, perhaps?) All this time the recorder was going. So after the debate had cooled down, Andy said 'let's listen to that later'. So later that night we listened to it! It was very revealing...I recommend it to everyone - try to tape the next argument you have with someone and you will be surprised when you listen to it later : )

Actually afterwards, Andy said, "let's transcribe that and turn it into a comedy sketch" but alas (?) I had deleted it.  


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photo by: maka77