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Dinner with Ai and her mum

Well, my supervisor is being very aloof and I have decided to go out on my own while waiting for him to get his act together. Trouble is, I need his assistance in various areas of my research. So I am in a bit of a tough place right now. And it is getting me down.

As he has not replied to my phone calls or emails, yesterday we decided to go to Rikkyo uni and knock on his door. The uni is in Ikebukuro which is 7 subway stops from here - not far at all. Unfortunately he wasn't in (hardly anyone was - what are all these academics doing??), so I put a letter in his pigeon hole. If I haven't heard from him today I am ringing him again first thing tomorrow morning. If things don't start moving I will look for another supervisor. It's just that I got the grants to study here on the strength of my affiliation with Rikkyo uni and an attachment to a supervisor.  Hope it doesn't matter if those minor details change!

After our time at the uni yesterday, we headed to the parliament buildings and the National Diet Library, which is probably the equivalent of the National Library of Australia in Canberra. I had a look around and got a feel for how it worked. You can't borrow stuff but they have an enormous collection that you can look at and photocopy if required. I'll go and spend a day there next week.

It was horribly hot yesterday. About 34C and a billion percent humidity. And the sun was fierce as was debilitating. It was about 4pm when we left the library and it was absolutely scorching hot walking outside. We walked to Roppongi/Akasuka where the Japan Foundation headquarters is. They have a library as well so I went to check that out, leaving Andy downstairs in Starbucks with a book. The library was ok. It was just nice to get out of the heat.

Roppongi is full of cashed-up white people - corporate types earning big bucks. I felt like I was in the Sydney CBD - there were white and black (and the occassional Japanese) men and women on their laptops, on their's quite strange. 

By the time we left Starbucks it had cooled down a bit and we made our way to Roppongi Hills to meet an old friend of mine and her mother. Roppongi Hills is a very ritzy area with lots of expensive hotels and shops like Harrods, Hugo Boss, Tiffany & co etc. Again, full of westerners (including me and Andy!)

We had dinner with my friend Ai and her mother in a plush restaurant. It was nice to catch up with Ai. I met her when I first went to Japan on a high-school exchange in 1995, and she came to do 'homestay' at our house in Brisbane the following year for a few weeks. She has been in New York for 5 years studying and working and now works in finance. Her English is perfect (with a thick American accent!), and she's going back to NY in September. Andy and I said we'd visit one day....another trip to look forward to!! And we invited them to Bellambi which they got quite excited about. 

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Dinner with Ai and her mum
Dinner with Ai and her mum
photo by: maka77