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I made some friends

Emma: This evening Andy and I joined the local publicly-run gym. It is inside Hikarigaoka park and to become a member you just have to be a local. It costs 200 yen for a 2 hour session.....un-bloody believable. That is about 2 Aussie bucks. I love how the local governments look after their communities in Japan!!!!

To register as a member you have to attend a 2 hour 'introduction course', which we went to this evening. The 2 of us, along with about 10 other Japanese locals sat in a little classroom through a mind-numbingly boring explanation of the various facilities. Our 'trainer' was an incredibly muscular young man with glasses. Incredibly buff and excrutiangly boring. After about 45 mins of drone (he literally READ the pamphlet we had been, can't we do that ourselves?), we went into the room next door to do some stretches on squeeky blue mats. Andy kept accusing me of farting when he knew very well it was my feet on the gym mat.......although I'm sure Andy took advantage of the chorus of squeeks to pop a few genuine ones out. Then we went into the actual gym where our trainer explained how to use the machines. He asked for volunteers for each of the machines so Andy and I enthusiastically had a go!!!! Andy didn't understand a word he was saying but he was fully into it.

Anyway, 200 yen for a 2 hour session at a gym a 10 min cycle away is almost too good to be true so we will be there with bells on tomorrow for a workout! Maybe I will become as buff as our trainer. But never as boring I hope.     

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I made some friends
I made some friends
photo by: maka77