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Christmas has come and gone. Japan is in general a secular country and Christmas holds little significance for most people here. In fact Dec 25 is a normal business day with banks, the post office and shops open just like any other day. The commercial element is alive and visible in the Christmas trees and carols that appear in shopping centres from around November. Bakeries also sell Japanese-style Christmas cakes. These are not like the fruit cakes that AUstralians typically eat, but fluffy sponge cakes decorated with white cream and strawberries. Christmas Eve in Japan is a time for couples, and if you spend the evening alone, you are a tragic figure in need of sympathy. Young couples go out to see the 'illuminations' around town. A bit like Christmas lights I guess, but not on people's houses.

Please note funky beaded necklace - b'day pressie handcrafted by my niece Laura
All in all, I find Christmas extremely depressing in Japan - it's all about bad music, such as Wham and Mariah Carey, skinny santas, and mass consumerism of absolute rubbish. If it was complemented with a public holiday that is spent with family and friends I could handle it, but Dec 25 passes by without even a hiss and a bang bringing us to Dec 26, just another day slightly better for the knowledge that Mariah Carey and Wham won't be heard for at least another 10 months.

On a happier note, Andy and I made our own fun yesterday by going out for lunch to the Metropolitan Hotel in Ikebukuro for a smorgasbord lunch with all the trimmings. We didn't arrive until 2:15 and were told that the buffet closes at 2:30. We decided to go for it anyway and spent a mad 10 minutes piling as much food as possible on to our plates. We are seriously classy diners. Anyway, the food was very nice and they even had jelly beans at the dessert bar.

Apart from our lunch outing, we spent yesterday doing a jigsaw puzzle that my brother and sister-in-law sent us. Andy was completely addicted and became quite obsessed. He told me that I would 'have to physically remove him' from it if we were ever going to get any lunch. Hence our 2:15 arrival at the restaurant.

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Please note funky beaded necklace …
Please note funky beaded necklace…
photo by: maka77