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A sea of bicycles at Hikarigaoka station

Andy:  I went out yesterday morning and poked my head inside the door of a couple of local english schools. The first one seemed quite promising and I got a number of a woman to call on monday. The people I spoke to there seemed very positive about me being able to get work, which is great. I suppose that with a country of 125 million non english speakers, there would be a fair demand. The second school asked me for a resume which I haven't written yet - so i'd better do that later and see them again next week.

We went out to Ikebukuro last night to go to the movies - Borat in fact. I was interested to see how the Japanese would respond to him but I was so doubled up cringing all the way through I didn't notice.

I am badly constipated.  (what's that you say ?  Constipated???)  Yes it's true, I haven't done a decent poo since arriving. Emma says that it's a very common problem for the Japs.  I have started eating bran flakes and prunes for breakfast and will keep you posted on any new developments.



matgeale says:
Brilliant!. you went looking for a job in japan without a resume.
Posted on: Nov 27, 2007
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Nightlife at Ikebukuro

Emma: Well, I gave up on the other blog because it kept showing error messages and became dodgy when I tried to upload photos. Before starting today's post, however, I will cut and paste the other posts from the previous blog we started.

25 July  DAY 6 IN TOKYO

Emma: Although we've been here for less than a week, it feels like we've been here forever. I think this is because we've done so much. Apart from the sight-seeing we did in the first 3 days while were staying in Ikebukuro, we've done administrative things like opening bank accounts, getting mobile phones and setting up house!

Andy seems to be addicted to senbei - the ubiquitous yummy rice crackers.

The high point for me so far is buying my brand-spanking new bicycle.

yay's burgundySmile Andy got one today too, and life is 100 times better with them! Actually, another high point was seeing Andy's face when he saw the size of the packets of bread in the supermarkets - 6 slices per packet! 

Andy: Well, being my first time in japan I would begin by saying that after only six days I cannot really say too much with any authority - only that, if you are planning a trip here try and make sure you either speak japanese or will be travelling with someone who does. Luckily Emma (my lovely wife) is fluent and has guided me around the subway, the shops, helped to get a bank account, purchase a telephone, organise accomodation, buy a pushbike all without getting ripped off. I have also had the advantage of being able to eat out at japanese cafes and restaurants that I would have otherwise have avoided and missed out on some of the delicious Japanese foods - a major part of any trip to a foreign country. I love my food and have tried heaps of the local delicacies already including kinako mochi which is the title of this blog and a sweet treat made from rice and beans - try googling it and see what you can find.

26th July    Where is my supervisor?

Emma: I am feeling a bit lost cos my supervisor hasn't replied to my email and without him I feel like I can't get started on my research...... I'll give him a few more days and then I'll go to uni and look for him. I have a tendency to panic, so I should probably just chill out a bit.

Anyway, last night Andy and I went to the German Institute of Japanese Studies for a presentation by a visiting academic from the US. I'm so glad we went because not only was it really relevant to my research and interesting too, we were able to meet a lot of nice people and I was able to 'network' with other research students and academics here in Tokyo for study.

After the presentation everyone went to a Spanish tapas bar for some food and drinks. The food was delicious, and the company was great

27th July

Andy:  OK so we`ve been here a week and had a chance to look around and settle in. Next week I shall be pushing ahead trying to get a job as an English teacher. Meantime some observations..... The Japanese are, on the whole, a tiny race - I am only 5`6" and I feel pretty tall here (Cool !). I haven`t seen too many white westerners (no bad thing) which makes us stand out in the crowds of oriental faces. The fashion sense of the young is pretty over the top. People are addicted to their mobile phones. The food is really good - if a little unusual at times (cold noodles - hiyashi chuka?). There must be a zillion bicycles in Tokyo. I haven`t seen any graffiti nor groups of young yobbos anywhere so far.

A sea of bicycles at Hikarigaoka s…
A sea of bicycles at Hikarigaoka …
Nightlife at Ikebukuro
Nightlife at Ikebukuro
photo by: maka77