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Well, this is my first attempt at a blog, so we will see how this goes....

I am in the airport in Doha, Qatar, and have about 5 good hours before our flight leaves....Thank goodness for free internet...YAY!  Well, Robbi and I left Minneapolis on time, flew to NewYork, sat in the plane in New York for about 3 hours before traffic control cleared us to leave, flew to London.  We arrived in London a few hours late, so we were fully prepared to make up for lost time.  We got our luggage which consisted of quite a bit actually to be lugging it around London for the day, but we were off...

We stopped at the subway and got a day pass for the subway and 'rush' tickets for the theater that night.  We both wanted to see 'Wicked: the Untold Story of the Witches from the Wizard of Oz".  We trekked our bags across London to our hostel that we had booked in Greenwich, England (super close to London, still on the subway system).  By the end of our trek, we pretty much hated our bags.  We were pretty pooped.  We showered quick at our hostel though, and were on our sightseeing adventures by 2:30pm.... A lot of ground to cover in a short time!  First, we hiked about 15 minutes from our hostel up to the Prime Meridian.  Geographer teacher Robbi was pretty pumped.  As was I :)  We took some pictures, and then headed into the city center.  We saw the London Tower and the Tower Bridge (the bridge was probably my favorite....just architecturally beautiful), Parliament, Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, and the London Bridge (London Bridge from afar...we walked right past it, which we were laughing about)...  I felt like we saw everything in London, but yet didn't really see anything.  It was pretty much a whirlwind.  Met some really nice people.  I always thought Londoners (Londonians? :)) were known for being a little snooty, but the ones we met were very helpful.  That night we went to the show "Wicked" at the Victoria Apollo Theater.  Amazing!  By far the best theater production I have ever seen!  The main actress who played the wicked witch had an amazing and powerful voice.  I couldn't believe how well-done it was: I could have sworn the monkeys were the real monkeys from the movie :)  They were played by men though.  The special effects were amazing, and the storyline was just really good.  I would totally recommend it!!

After the show, we were pretty tuckered...We ventured back to our hostel, and went to bed so that we could wake up at 7:00 for our flight to Doha.  We made it in plenty of time for our flight.  It was kind of funny...We had been lugging this 30 lb. box around all over London (that we both had come to hate...!) that contained books and supplies for the Tanzanian kids...  Well, we get up to the luggage counter to check our bags in, and the woman said our luggage was 13 kg. over....Robbi said that she supposed she could just leave the box here that we were bringing to donate. (We both looked at each other, thinking, "Really??  This box that we carried all over town, now we are going to chuck?")  The lady was really nice though, and talked with her supervisor and said that she'd allow it since we were donating it.  Another nice Londoner (?) that we met along the way :)

The flight to Doha was nice...Another really nice group of people.  I had lamb roganjosh on the flight here with red wine.  mmm....airplane food? :)  Arriving in Qatar, I instantly noticed all the men wearing traditional Arab garb...like the garb that you see King Hussein, Saddam, or Osama wearing on TV...  I guess I always thought this garb was only for high-up officials, and that everyone else wore the tunics.  Really interesting.  It made me really want to come back and visit.  We were hoping to be able to leave the airport, and explore Doha a little bit, but we found out in London that a visa is needed in order to leave the airport.  Details :)  Well, thank goodness for free internet....This 12-hour layover has turned out to be going pretty fast.  Only 4.5 more hours until we board :)

Well, next time I write I'll be in Tanzania!!  It looks like its about a 4.5 hour flight from Doha....I am really excited and anxious.  I really am just excited to be there.

Thanks so much for all the prayers.  I love you!

gtanghe says:
Tara, thanks for the Father's Day call--so sorry we weren't home at the time. It would have been wonderful to hear your voice. Sounds like you are enjoying your experience of a lifetime. Keep blogging--they are fun to read and a great way to keep up on your adventure.
Posted on: Jun 19, 2007
brimaier says:
How great Tara! Thanks so much for sending the tips on "Wicked" ...Karen and I are in O'Hare now, waiting for our flight to London...we were trying to decide on what shows were are going to when we are there! :) It was so fun to hear about your fast trip through London knowing we will be there in the next 12 hours! I'm so glad you set up a blog! Can't wait to hear more!! love you lots! bri
Posted on: Jun 15, 2007
melindadombek says:
Tara! You are going to have SUCH a good time. You are correct, Wicked is the BEST muscical I have seen. PS Don't read the book after seeing the musical. Have fun and I can't wait to hear more!
Posted on: Jun 15, 2007
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