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So, today started off great, had a nice room service breakfast, went and rented an awesome yellow jeep to go up to Washington Slagbaai National Park.

So, we started on our journey to the north of the island. The drive is beautiful! For a very good portion of the drive if you take the western road you're right along the ocean and you can see for miles and the water is just the most incredible blue ever!! We stopped a few cool places to just explore...Stopped at a very cool site right by Boka Di Tolo and climbed around for awhile.

So anyway....get the Slagbaai and go show our passes and snorkle permits to the very nice man at the visitors center and he, very nicely, points out that we have a VERY flat tire!! Not they, again, very nicely change it for us however minor problem: you can't go into the park unless you have a spare tire, if you use the spare because you have a flat. extra spare! (By this point my mom is pretty pissed...)

So we drive all the way back to the rental center which is at the airport and tell them our problem...the lady says we have to go have the tire fixed...flats are the renters problem (good to know huh?) So...we go to the gas station/service station and a Bob Marley lookin' dude (very cool!) takes our tire and puts it in the water to see where the leak is..yeah, it's everywhere!! He points out like five reasons it's a bad tire and he can't fix it...BACK TO THE RENTAL PLACE! This time the lady tells us we have to come back in an hour because the manager is not there (can we all feel my mom's blood pressure boiling?) My mother proceeds to tell the lady how this has ruined our day (blah blah blah) Anyway.

..the manager comes back then and gives us the other jeep they have, no question asked! (Cheers to Total Rentals!)

Ok, so yay...we're all happy in our new Jeep but the day is trashed! Too late to attempt to go back to the park. Close to the airport/car rental place is the Donkey Sanctuary...good call!!!! The Donkey Sanctuary was so cool and also one of the places not so high on our list! As soon as you drive into the sanctuary the donkeys flock to your car. They are very sweet and gentle but will poke their noses into your car! They will also walk right in front of your car and stop...We're pretty sure it's just a plot to get food. Anyway, it wound up being a really good day and although we did something that wasn't too high on our list it was very cool!

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