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Sleeping on the arms of the seats wasn't really comfortable

The only reason why I didn't get a passport stamp for Qatar was because our cheap flight tickets didn't allow us to be put up in a hotel overnight (like seemingly everyone else on the plane was). Therefore we stayed in the departure lounge from 11.00am on 11th August to 02.30am on 12th August.

I will add pictures one day to demonstrate that the seats were cleverly designed so that sleeping on them was extremely difficult and that the floor was the best option. No, it really was. The Middle East's obsession with air-conditioning was all too apparent. The quiet room in the airport, which had slightly more comfortable reclining chairs than the departure lounge was, I swear - roughly the same temperature as Siberia... in winter.

Lovely heated floor
The only reason why I stayed in there longer than 5 seconds was because I used my small amount of stored warmth to fall asleep immediately. I woke up shivvering - a relatively new and unpleasant experience after the previous two months.

We did attempt to gain access to the first class lounge, but we were turned away. Presumably so that the masses of other people travelling first class wouldn't have to mix with the riff raff. With hindsight, I would've paid the upgrade fee of £12.50. Thining about it, I can't believe I didn't. Then again, more luxury in this part of the world usually means a new level of tundra inducing air-conditioning, so maybe it worked out for the best.

In contrast, the floor of the departure lounge (well actually a very small segment, located just behind the Costa Coffee stall) was heated. Unfortunately, due to the proximity to the coffee stall, the constant waves of caffiene made sleeping difficult. That, and the floor was like marble.

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Sleeping on the arms of the seats …
Sleeping on the arms of the seats…
Lovely heated floor
Lovely heated floor
Hmmm.... busy, busy, busy.
Hmmm.... busy, busy, busy.
photo by: Stevie_Wes