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So today is the day we go to Knott's Berry Farm.  The park will be open from 10am until 10pm today. I asked the boys what was more important, getting to the park the minute they opened the front gates....or sleeping in a bit.  They both said sleeping in (have I said how much I love my kids). We slept until about 8:30 and then all took showers (teenage boys stink).  There was a nice resturant in the lobby of the hotel (A Red Robin) but it was expensive.  There was a Carl's Jr. just around the corner, so we decided to eat breakfast there.  A quick stop at a drug store to get some sunscreen and we were back on our way to Knotts. 

We entered the park around 11:00 and started our rollercoaster experience with Ghost Rider.  The boys asked if the ride had anything to do with the recent movie.  I told them it had been there for at least 15 yrs, so I doubted it.  Most of the line for this roller coaster was inside a building, so it was a pleasant, and not to long wait.  The ride was thrilling, but my 6ft 1", 200 lb frame had to squeeze into the car.  It was a bit uncomfortable and that took abit away from the ride.  After that we started just wandering around. This is one thing I like about Knotts. It is smaller than Disneyland so you can just wander from ride to ride.

We made our way to Big Foot Rapids (a water ride) and stood in a short line for that.  In front of us (and then on our raft) where a couple of guys on vacation from Edinburgh.  The boys told them we had been there last year and everybody had a nice chat about things there and here.  We got just a bit wet, but it felt nice as the day was warming up nicely.  Then the boys went on a couple of "spin around real fast until you feel like you want to puke" rides. I sat those out.  We then bought a few drinks and sat around talking about what was next.  Well the youngest son wanted to go on Xcelerator.  But the eldest son did not. So he sat and we rode.  It was pretty fun, but once again, squeezing into the ride was a bit uncomfortible.  A few more rides and then it was time for Lunch/Dinner. I knew this was going to be at least a $30 experience, so I told the boys 1 meal in the park. We ate and enjoyed an air conditioned room for a bit and then went back out.  I had told the boys that they could not try the midway games until later in the day.  Carrying around prizes is not my idea of fun. So we went and did some of the games, (did not win a darn thing) and then made our way over to the Silver Bullet rollercoaster. I have never beenon this ride and it looked fun. My eldest son (who is not real big on heights or going upside down) decided to join his brother and me.  This rollercoaster was pretty cool.  It is a suspended rollercoast, the track is above the cars, and your feet hang free. The restraint system is a harness that comes down over your shoulders (it was much more comfortible).  The ride is a fast moving (duh it is a rollercoaster) thrill ride that inverts you a total of eight times.  And the best part of the ride.  there was no line.  We went back time and time again.  We finally had to stop as we were getting light headed.  (well dad was!).

We finished off the day by shopping for trinkets.  I gave each of the monsters $20 bucks (with instructions that any change had to be given back. Otherwise they dont buy anything, and save the money for the stuff they want at home.  That is what chores and allowances are for.)  They each found something they wanted and only had about a dollar each left over....which I let them keep.

We ended up leaving the park about 2 hours before closing. At some point during the day, I had made a comment about the boys being lucky, and would be able to fall asleep during the ride home. My youngest son proudly told me he would stay awake for the entire journey home. I told him there was no way...Well we went back and forth for  time and finally somebody finally said it was time to "Put up or Shut up"! A bet was made!  We left the park, and I decided it was time to start pulling out all the "Sneaky Dad" tricks. So the first stop was to get something to fill up the little monsters belly.  Hard to stay awake in a warm truck with a full belly, and a 2 hour drive home.  After eating, we started our drive home.  The next step was to put on some ambiance music on the radio.  Well he was to awake for talk radio would do the trick.  Now he was full, warm, and bored!!!  Then the yawning started....from me.  :)  His brother started to fall asleep...but this was the wrong son.  But, still one was a start.  I did my best to make him comfortible, hoping that the falling asleep would be contagious. It started to work.  Bobby put his head down on the backs of the front seats to talk to me.  I could see him starting to drift off....then all of a sudden I hear a slap!  He had felt himself starting to fall asleep and had slapped himself awake.  Well, I did not want to have to explain those marks to his mother so I figured it would be better to just let him win the bet :)

All in all, it was a very fun trip.

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