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This morning was quite busy.  A trip to the Chiropractor (have to get ready for the rollercoasters don't ya know) and laundry (Wed is usually laundry day, just have to try to get it all done in the morning).  Then my youngest decided that he wanted to sleep in his "new" bedroom when we got back tomorrow, so we had to remove all the constructions stuff that was still in there, vacuum the carpet, and put the bed back in the room.  The last chore was to wash the sheets. They will be all fresh and clean when we come home and make the bed. 

I told my monsters that we were going to be out the door at 12:30.  Now this is dad time, which means we will be out the door at 12:30, not 13:30-14:00 like when they travel with their mom!  :)  We were out the door (on time) and on our way back to near where I grew up. I hate making this drive because traffic can be such a pain in the rear. Check in time at the hotel is 15:00.  I figured a 2 to 2 1/2 hour drive time would put as at the hotel around check in time. Wel for once the drive was pleasant.  There was little to no traffic (finally the kids came in handy, I got to use the car pool lanes) and we arrived at about 10 minutes after 14:00.  The hotel is the Holiday Inn Select (not sure what makes it a "Select".  Maybe because I "selected" it) is right off the the I-5 freeway about 5-10 min from Knotts. I knew exactally which hotel this was, as it is across the street from the Northwood Inn.  This was the first trip down memory lane, as this was my dad's favorite steak resturant.  The kids thought it looked pretty cool. The resturant has a log cabin motif with fake snow on the roof.  Kind of cheesy now, but pretty cool idea for kids.  We parked and went to check in. I was hoping being early would not mean we would have to wait....I was wrong.  The very kind gentleman at the front desk told me none of the rooms were ready yet.  We chatted for a bit and then the boys and I decided to go wonder around. I was trying to talk them into going for a short drive so I could see the neighborhood where I grew up...but they were not getting back into my truck unless I bribed or threatened them. So we decided to walk around and check out the hotel facilities. Before we left the desk, the clerk took my cellphone number, and told me he would call when a room was ready.  We walked around a bit and then sat down in the lobby to read.  A few minutes later my cellphone rang.  The clerk was calling to tell me a room was ready (he did not see me sitting about 20 feet way in the lobby :).  I went to do the paper work, and had a pleasant surprise.  The original booking was for a room with 2 double beds.  The clerk took pitty upon me. He put us in a roomwith 2 queen size beds, that way the boys would have more room. When I eventually get around to it, the hotel will get a good review.

The boys and I went up to the room and decided to relax for a while. I had the boys bring their bathing suits, but neither felt like swimming. I layed down on the bed, and just as I fell youngest child decided he needed some excercise and wanted to go down to the fitness center. And since he could not go down alone, dad had to wake up, right now!!!  So off to the fitness center.  We used the treadmills and eliptical trainers for about 45 minutes, and then went back to the room to relax a bit more before we had to leave for our dinner adventure.

There be Pirates!!!  This trip had 2 pre-established goals:  1. Dinner at Pirates Dinner Adventure  and 2. Trip to Knotts Berry Farm.  Now we have gone to Medevil Times in the past, and enjoyed that.  We originally were going to do that this trip, then we heard about this Pirate thing.  Well Pirates are real big right now (Just ask Captain Jack Sparrow, or Wil Turner), so the boys decided we "needed" to do this instead. It was an enjoyable (but expensive) night. I will write a review later.

After the dinner and show, the boys let me take them on a trip down memory lane (for me).  We drove by the house I grew up in (it looks so much smaller now), and then by the high school I attended.  They got to see I actually did have to walk 2 miles to get to school (in the snow, up hill...both ways).  Then back to the hotel to sleep. 

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