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When I was 10 years old can you imagine my excitment when my grandparents announced they were taking my brother and I to Disneyland and a tour of the west coast of the USA.

Visiting Disneyland is every kids dream and I was just so excited.

We arrived in Los Angeles and stayed in Anaheim and visited Disneyland before starting our tour of the West coast.

We went to San Diego, Tijuana, Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Bass Lake, Yosemite National Park, Lake Tahoe, Mamoth Lakes, and San Fransisco.

Some of the highlights of the trip included seeing snow for the first time in Mamoth lakes the bus driver went out of his way to just so we could see snow. 

In Tijuana because my brother and I are blonde haired many people would thrown money at us I remember coins raining down from a balcony it was a fun experience.

Taking a plane ride through the Grand Canyon was so exciting and awe inspiring.  My mum was pissed off that my brother kept falling alseep and she had paid big money for the scenic flight.

In Las Vegas my parents and grand parents left my brother outside a casino playing in the sun so we discovered a big fountain and WOW lots of money in it ...well being 10 years old and 8 years old we thought oh what a good idea lets get the money and started fishing out the quarters from the fountain.

On one other occassion we saw money on a table in a resturant my brother took it over to my mum "Look what I found" he had taken the tip that someone had left on the table.  Oh what fun we had in the USA. We don't tip in Australia so it was a new experience for us seeing money on the table in the USA. Being a kid we naturally thought someone had left it there and we had found it. hahahaha. You can imagine my parents surprise at this.

San Fransisco was so much fun.  We visited chinatown for a chinese meal.  We went to Fishermans wharf and ate clam cowder this was my first time to eat many of these ethnic and different western foods.  We saw bunches of seals sunning themselves near Fishermans Wharf. It was in San Fransisco that I experience my first real earthquake.  My father yelled at my brother and I and told us to stop jumping on the bed.  Even though we were laying still later we saw on the news it was an earthquake. ahahaha

I wish I had digital photos of this trip but as it was many years ago id have to fish out the good old Kodak moments photo album.


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