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Hey guys,

So here's my review about Varna in Bulgaria :)

Varna is a pretty nice place, where you can go either with your family or with your friends to party and why? Because everything is very very cheap, I mean like f***ing cheap. let's start with the beaches.

I guess the best one is called Constantine, you can do some water fun there like riding rings for 7 Euro or boats for 5 euro for one hour. There's more enjoyment like water scooters, riding banana, riding crazy ufo etc.. Next to constatine you can find Golden sands, also very nice place to stay for a while. But you can never find waves for surfers, that's a bummer, but sometimes there's pretty nice wind for windsurfers.

Food: in genereal it's great and very traditional.

Soups: Chicken soup, fish soup, Bean soup known as "Bob Chorba" and Tarator which suprised me the most, it's sour milk with cucumber and something, it's usualy served cold. They also serve Tarator for drinking and it's delicious and I don't even drink milk :D

Main dishes: When you get there you have to order CACA fish, these are tiny little fish you eat with lemon and fries with Sirene- which is white cheese. There are many kinds of fish you can taste there, but sometimes is better to ask if they use spice, because we ordered grilled tostobol and it was just grilled with no spice that means NO TASTE at all. So it's just better to ask about it, but I'm sure the cook there is a master. We tasted frog legs and a crab and it was licious, the frog legs tasted like chicken but finer. You have to try Moussaka, traditional dish with tomatoes and minced beef. Also try Stuffed peppers, what a delight.

Beach's restaurants are very comfortable with a plesant view on the sea. You can order 350g of CACA for one euro and one beer also for one Euro. One great restaurant is Godzilla, you can't miss it, because every Godzilla restaurant has a giant Godzilla at the door :). They make great pizza and salads, sometimes I didn't understand the size of salads, it's like 750g per portion and it's just for 2.5 Euro. Don't go to chinese restaurants, there are just too and both awful.

Clubs: I checked the clubs only at the beach, but I'm pretty sure, those are the best ones. But don't go there on Saturday, they play oldies that I didn't even know or Bulgarian music, so go party on Friday or every other day :) Drinks in the clubs are a bit expensive, at least for me. vodka with juice is for 5 Euro. So it's better go to the main park, find there some restaurants of something like that, they serve everything so cheap, like teguilla for 75 Cents, Cola with Bacardi 1,50 Euro. That's how we rolled there. First go to the park, get hummered and then go to clubs.

Fun: There's one Aqua park called Aquapolis. The entry is 15 Euro, they say no food or drinks allowed to brink with yourselves, but you don't have to care, normally bring food with yourselves. If you want a safe, you gotta pay for it, if you want to have deck- chair you gotta pay for it, but it's useless, because you are all day at toboggans riding:) In the park is some fun-boxes and slides for skaters, and the ground there is also great, so there's also for longboarders.

Shopping: There are two good malls with quality brand shops, but why would you buy something for 150 Euro, if you can have it for 50 Euro :) Go to the main market place or to the market opposite to the Cathedral. They have a lot of stolen stuff from Adidas, Nike, Puma, Quick silver, Billabong etc. For instance I bought a nylon kit from Adidas for 22 Euro, you will get as cheap as me, if you have a bulgarian girlfriend or friend, otherwise you'll pay like 50 or 75 Euro, but hey, still cheaper than in the shop. Sometimes it's a fake, sometimes it's stolen goods, you have to check it. I bought the nylon kit and two cool adidas t-shirts for 50 Euro, isn't that great? And also two billabong t-shirts for 18 Euro :D one DC t-shirt for 7 Euro. Not all t-shirts are orinigal, but you can see it's not the orinigal quality, but I'm able to risk it for this change :D

Unfortunately I can't tell you anything about hostels or hotels, but I'm pretty sure they won't be expensive.\

If you have any questions, just ask me.

Enjoy your stay in Varna :)
Rockzie says:
Sounded awesome ^^ I might find a bulgarian boyfriend next time i visit Varna hehe - thumps up -
Posted on: Jul 21, 2010
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