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Packed and Ready!
This journal is gonna tell you folks about the first moments of my stay here in Vancouver. It was Mind Blowing for sure! I met new people right from the start and I had the chance to feel comfortable with the city. Which was pretty hard because we did not know anything about our location. We did manage it to go to Stanley park the next days. Which I will describe in my next entry. For now, enjoy of the psychological side I will describe of being in a world unknown...

When Jennifer and I finally took our seats in the bus we were exhausted. Not physical, but our minds were totally blown by all the new things that came our way.
We took a few pictures during our bus trip but I couldn't focus. I was way to tired to take a reasonable picture and of course all the pictures I took were blurry.
Super Sized Street
We were heading to a International Hostel in downtown Vancouver. I never been in a hostel before because I'd always preferred an apartment or hotel. Armed with the route description we grabbed our bags and suitcases when we finally got there.

Gas stations, lifeless (fast food) restaurants and a very long and big street.
Just like in the movies I thought. But that's what made it even more interesting to be there. I was living my own movie. Everything I dreamed off became so real, big time!
But, the most important difference I'd noticed was something I did not expect to be honest. The people.
We were searching for our hostel with our luggage and stuff, a horrible scene! Because it was so big, we did not know where to go and it could be a false start?
But no, before I knew it a young group of Ladies and Gents were blocking our way to offer us their help.
Lets go East! -_0
They knew exactly where our hostel was and carried our stuff. I was tired and maybe a bit short at first. Because they grabbed my stuff just like that. My thrust level was especially on the first days, set on "Cautioned".
When we walked along I started to see how pure they actually were and how lucky we got. They truly wanted to help us and they led us directly to our hostel.

Well, that was that. We got to the hostel. It was not to bad, I thought at first. They got a reception (of course) and a small lounge place where peeps were reading papers and enjoying their wifi possibilities.
A smooth happening, we got our keys and directions, and it was even more exciting because we were heading to the rooms. Well, when I went to my room, I noticed the fact that I was sharing it with 3 other guys. But that was not the issue. They were from Germany, so I could speak with them in their native language which was cool. However, the problem was that the room was big enough for 2 people maybe. So I felt kinda uncomfortable with my suitcases blocking the doorway etc.
Well, after a serious fight with my suitcase, it was time to go to the washroom.
Which was another big adventure. As I entered the washroom, the aromas of sweat, undone business and all different kinds of smell that not really belonged there or you could see as an impolite way to treat people, came my way.
Yes, the toilets and showers were disgusting. So it was gonna be a real challenge to use them I assumed. When I was gonna check up on Jennifer, I came passed the Ladies room. Well, same story I can tell you. When I arrived at her room she opened the door and looked ready. I saw she already settled down, her laptop on her bed and her stuff all part of the furniture. We were starving so we decided to go out and eat something...

Everything was closed. I don't remember what time it was at that time, but it was passed business hours for sure! Finally we found something. We entered this "Restaurant" called Dennys. No atmosphere, no hospitality, no service. Nothing really. But it was open. So no further complaints about that.
During our meal, we discussed the incredible change we made in our lives and we complaint together about the hostel. But it was only for 2 days so it was not that important anymore.
We decided to go to Stanley Park the next day. We were really excited about that because it was gonna be fun for sure! It was time to go and sleep. So I asked the bill. And there it was. We actually paid tip! Even though the service was crap we had to pay tip. It was included. For your information, back in the Netherlands the tip is based on the performance. If they do good, they can get an tip. How it should be! Well, this was one of the things we obviously complained about but it was just one of the many changes we had to deal with. So we went back to the hostel to get some rest because we had to get up early the next day...
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Packed and Ready!
Packed and Ready!
Super Sized Street
Super Sized Street
Lets go East! -_0
Lets go East! -_0
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