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Hmm.. Almost there.!
Hi there folks!
Welcome to my blog! This one is all about CANADA! And Vancouver in particular of course.
I will provide a small introduction why I chose for this beautiful country...

At some point in your life your wondering if this is it. Your going to school or work day in day out. No excitement in your life or whatsoever. Nothing seems to challenge you anymore, except your boss or that co worker that keeps on nagging. You want to spread your wings and fly away. Like me. Welcome to my life...

The weeks before my departure at Schiphol Airport, located in the Netherlands, I was exhausted. So many things to take care of to make sure my new start will be smooth.
Jennifer and Me. Are we ready?
And then I had work and deal with my social commitments of course. Yes, even when I had to wake up early the next day to work, I went out with my friends till the early morning. Each day towards my departure was a day of struggling. Especially in those weeks I lived like 24 hours a day. And finally, the weekend before my big trip I had my farewell party. It was perfect, just perfect. My true friends where there to wish me good luck, say goodbye and bring out a toast to honor me. An emotional event...

I remember, the night before my departure my brother stayed at my place. I couldn't sleep so we watched movies to kill the time. I did not finish packing by the way. Of course not, that would be way to organized! Which I was not obviously. The next morning I had to check my stuff with an kinda checklist I made the same morning. With me packing almost my whole wardrobe as the result. Believe me, I've worked for 5 years in fashion. My wardrobe is b.i.g. =)
Finally I left my place. I'm on my way to the airport. Sending and receiving my last text messages on Dutch ground, I texted Jennifer, my friend who traveled with me to Vancouver. We were so excited for this to happen! And there it was, finally, the moment of goodbye.
Starting from the moment Jennifer and I passed that gate we looked each other in the eyes, saying nothing. We both knew that this journey would change our young lives for good.

After a serious delay at Schiphol, we took off. When we arrived at Lonson Heathrow, England, we had to run because our plane was about to leave!
A stressful moment, but what do you expect!
Excited an relieved we managed it to catch our plane and take off.
As I tried to sleep I kept on thinking of my safe life with my friends, which I was about to trade in for an life that was still unknown...

My first impression of Vancouver was: whoa, it's huge! And I was right. I just arrived at the biggest country of the world. With a lot of space here, there and everywhere.
But before we could enjoy, we had to go to the customs first. They had to provide us our work permits! I remembered Jennifer was a bit anxious about that. I would agree with her, they didn't look really friendly. But glad fully as for me it was just a show case. I had to sell myself, like what I did all those years. It felt like a daily routine to me!
When we were finished I saw a twinkle in her eye. She was proud. And yes, I was too. We started something that was supposed to be way out of our leagues.

My heart bounces. Finally the start of something new, something massive and unimaginable.
This is my moment. As I walked towards the bus, and I was breathing the fresh Vancouver air, I was starting to realize...
...These are my first "Baby Steps".

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Hmm.. Almost there.!
Hmm.. Almost there.!
Jennifer and Me. Are we ready?
Jennifer and Me. Are we ready?
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Arrival Pose at Vancouver YVR Air…
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