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Both of us were complaining about our body pains the moment we woke up the following day. I felt pain in both my legs that I can hardly walk. I had to take a paracetamol for me to feel a bit better. As far as our itinerary is concerned, we're supposed to leave early in the morning to visit a nearby town, Banaue. But because of our love for Sagada and our room as well, we decided to skip it and opt to stay for one more night. Although we didn't have any scheduled activity for the day, we both agreed to go wherever our feet would take us...

Our first order of the day was to hear mass around 6:00am. The church is filled with devotees, most of which I noticed are older men and women.

I find the mass so solemn though we didn't understand the homily because the priest delivered it in their own dialect.

From the church, we did some restaurant-hopping. As you may all know, both me and Rhea not just love to travel, but we also share the same sentiments when it comes to food. Unlike the previous day, it was this time when we were in the mood for some gastronomical adventure. Our first stop was the Banas Cafe. We just ordered a pair of toast with butter and the honey cafe latte for breakfast. I thought it was a usual latte, but after we tasted it, man, did it taste good! Hands down, it was sure one of the best coffee I've ever tasted in my whole life. In fact, Banas is one of the reason why I wouldn't mind traveling for 13 hours to visit Sagada again. Next, we headed to the new restaurant in town, the lemon pie house for our dessert.

Rhea liked the lemon pie but I like the restaurant's ambiance much better. One can just chill and relax while browsing the net since they also offer free wifi.

Just a couple of hours after eating the lemon pie, we found ourselves back in Alfredo's ready to take our lunch. Of course, I ordered another vegetable dish (still yummy!) while rhea ordered a pansit. We shared the food together while having fun exchanging some of our life's stories. It's really nice to know someone you could talk to about anything... and someone you could trust enough...

Left with nothing else to do after lunch, we trudged our way up to one of sagada's tourist spot, the kiltepan hill. Not minding the body pains, we hiked for roughly 2 hours along a paved highway going to Bontoc.

Inevitably, we got lost because neither of us know how to read the map that we're holding. Just in time, a good samaritan passed by and showed us the right way. At long last we finally reached the top of the hill. I assure you that all the effort and sweats will be worth it. The moment you reach the top, you'll be treated with a breathtaking view! The settings was quite romantic for me so I just sat by a rock, enjoyed the panoramic landscapes and started to daydream :) On our way back to the town, we we're lucky to get a free bus ride.. that saved us from 2 hours of walking... good job!

As early as 5:00am, we're already taking dinner at the yoghurt house. We tried their carbonara and strawberry and chesse toast. Yes it taste good but not that much :) haha! By the way, another place not to be missed when in Sagada is the Ganduyan museum.

It is located just at the heart of the town, and the owner Ms. Christina Aben explained to us the significance of each of her collections. It was amazing how she was able to preserve those artifacts and antiques. Though the collection is not yet exhaustive, the wealth that is already on exhibit gives us a glimpse of the history of sagada and great insight into the life of Igorots generations back.

We went back to our accommodation tired but still wearing smile on our faces knowing that we had made the right decision to stay. After a hot shower, we packed our things to prepare for tomorrow's early departure. And then the nightfall lured us to snooze early.

With the trip done, I feel a certain amount of pride that I was able to visit Sagada. I wished we could have stayed longer... but deep in my heart, I knew I will be coming back soon.








chiqui_heart says:
nice one, jo! i didn't know you have a writer in you! i hope you'll write more..and make one for our bolinao and baguio trip, too! keep blogging! :)
Posted on: Aug 06, 2010
holdmyhandsforever says:
See, galing mo kaya...hindi ka lang confident..well, from now on...go for more blogs! Good job teh, so proud! ;D
Posted on: Aug 04, 2010
rheagirl says:
'Teh, ang galing galing mong mag-blog kaya! :) :) You write very well just as how well you converse personally. :D Panalo!

We'll be waiting for more of your blogs ha! :D
Posted on: Aug 04, 2010
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