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Business class, thanks AirTran!
People have often asked how I manage to take a summer vacation when I am obviously an adult with a young child and have to have an actual job. I pull it off a number of ways. First, I get off of work because I am very lucky (and very thankful) that my job allows shift trading. I have over 100 co-workers who are qualified to do my job, and I theirs. I take all my paid vacation time in the summer months and I trade off as many other days as I can, usually still working 2 or 3 days each week (and I like it that way, I actually like working in some ways). I am technically employed part-time, but that doesn't matter because the shift trading I mentioned works both ways. Throughout the rest of the year, I may work 45 or more hours a week.
A Midwest plane I am not on taxis past
In the end, the number of hours and money I earn all evens out...allowing me the luxury of summer vacation. Of course this doesn't explain how I can afford to do it, and read closely if you want to know how because here is my secret: I am a cheap ass motherfucker. Well that and save save SAVE! I don't own a car. I shop only at thrift stores. I use coupons. I get books from the library. I pick up coins on the sidewalk. I do every single money saving thing that it tells you in every single magazine article about how to save money. Doing all that I can easily save up more than enough to budget travel my way from place to place every summer - and then start all over again. In summary, I do not lead a very glamorous life, but I think I have a pretty romantic one.
Internet at 35,000 feet!

So here we are! It is the summer solstice as well as the first official day of our Summer Vacation. Trinity has been out of school for one week, but I still had to work the last week of the bid until the previous Friday, and one day of the new one (Sunday the 20th). Shift trades have been filled out and I have a week of paid vacation, all that adds up to 13 days off. But...where heck am I going? The original plan was Amsterdam! Of course, I planned that, so it didn't happen. In the previous weeks, I had narrowed it down to Seattle/Vancouver, Seattle/Portland, Vancouver/Seattle/Portland, Boise, San Francisco, San Diego, Anchorage, Fairbanks, Disney World, or Vermont. By the previous Saturday, I had a bag packed, but still not the slightest clue. Sunday I decided on either Seattle on Monday - Vancouver on Wednesday or Anchorage on Tuesday. I have spent the entire day obsessing over it and constantly reloading ID90 (the non-rev listing web site many airlines use). The number of available seats are my own airline are dropping what feels like every ten seconds. It is becoming clear that I have to go to Seattle, because I am no way no how getting to Denver to make a connection to Anchorage tomorrow. Suddenly, it occurs to me, Air Tran has a non-stop to Denver leaving at 8:00! I quickly call a friend who works for FL, and she told me the flight was wide open. YES! Even if I don't get to Alaska tomorrow, I'll still be in Denver which is half the battle of non-reving anyway. I can easily change plans -or what I prefer to call "ideas"- from there. We are out of the house in about 30 minutes, making a quick stop at Walgreens to pick up some candy to bribe the Air Tran agents (they have first class you know) and the Southwest agents (who I am hoping will issue my pass requests). If you ever need to bribe gate agents, candy is the key. It worked on every level. We are on the Air Tran flight in first class seats, with our three backā€“up Southwest passes in our carryon. It's like I am a superhero and my power is non-reving i.e. flying. Now, with my stock of passes, between Frontier, Air Tran and Southwest, I can go anywhere on earth, or least America! I But I am going to Denver, which is exactly where I want to be going....

freak0ut says:
You can do it too you know!
Posted on: Aug 10, 2010
hancock826 says:
LOVE this...makes me so jealous!!
Posted on: Aug 07, 2010
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Business class, thanks AirTran!
Business class, thanks AirTran!
A Midwest plane I am not on taxis …
A Midwest plane I am not on taxis…
Internet at 35,000 feet!
Internet at 35,000 feet!
photo by: nik2blessed