I check my TB Updates & quickly round-up Dan & the baby to pick Christine from Perth, Australia

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It's just a normal day here in Calgary household when I suddenly find myself wondering where a Tb'er, Christineh5 (http://www.travbuddy.com/christineh5), is going to stay and how is she going to get to where she wants to go ... that TB hospitality kicks into overdrive within me and Dan, and our girls begin to quickly clean house as we don't know what is up yet ... I got in contact with Christine and realized she was already at the airport.  I had to feed our baby and both of us had to get ready and pack a baby bag (diapers etc) for the little trip ... In the meantime Dan searched the net on her behalf, while I fed the baby.  Then I phoned her back with the amounts of various hotels Dan found.  One hotel wasn't too outrageous in price; remember it is Stampede Week and if you plan to book here in Calgary, good luck finding a place or for that matter a place for under $100.

We did find one place with one room left listed for $100.00 on-line and we recommended this Christine who phoned immediately  ... when she was on the phone with the hotel  the price they gave her was doubled as compared to the online price ... but she bargained her way down to $110.00 ... how she did that is a story she'll have to tell you on her blog ... you go girl!

Christine patiently waited for us to arrive at the Calgary Airport ... on our cells, we then saw each other in the distance at the airport, introduced ourselves, and walked to our car.  Dan then drove her to her hotel to check in then we (Christine, Dan, our son, and I) were all on our way off for a coffee!  Through TB we had only planned a cafe meetup ... well, coffee turned into a beautiful drive to Canmore, Alberta and the evening turned into dinner instead of coffee ...

During the ride there, Dan gave Christine a photography101 class LOL ... and then she began clicking away, with her new found confidence, with her new NIKON D5000 the same camera Dan bought thisApril 2010 ... Christine's smile was priceless as she watched the Canadian Rockies approaching closer and closer as we drove to Canmore, Alberta ... the weather was rainy, then cleared, then it was overcast on our way back to Calgary ... the view of the mountains were ever changing ...

Like I mentioned, coffee turned into dinner, it was a great way to introduce ourselves and spend time in the Rockies with Christine who did show us her pics during dinner of her trip so far ... Christine when we're in Perth, Australia we'll have to drop by for a TB meetup in your hometown!!!!!!

jethanad says:
I shall keep the lights on for you guys !
Posted on: Jan 17, 2011
row-zzzzz says:
We plan to fly to Las Vegas July 11' with the whole family ... I don't know if Air Canada would randomly land in DC so we could meet LOL ... Maybe if I tell them it's you, they'd make a special detour! hehe
Posted on: Jan 16, 2011
jethanad says:
Hey Roselle,

We live close to Washington DC, so should you spontaneously appear , dont forget to contact us
Posted on: Jan 16, 2011
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photo by: Vikram