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Artworks at Aileron

Up and on the road by 8.30am.  The target for today being Alice Springs.  Rick was clocking up some good mileage and as we slunk through towns without stopping I wondered if we would be pulling into Melbourne the day after tomorrow.  When I had decided to travel with him he told me he wanted to be in Melbourne by the 3rd for his birthday.  So far that wasn’t going to be a hard target.


Most of the day was spent driving.  We stopped at Aileron, attracted by a massive sculpture of an Aborigine atop a hill.  When we pulled into the gas station for a drink Lisbeth and I wandered over to the matching sculptures of a woman and child.  They were outside the art rooms and gallery but we just enjoyed the warmth of the afternoon sun without going in to see the displays inside.


Early in the afternoon we arrived in Alice Springs.  We referred to our guide book and called a couple of the hostels to see if they had room for us at a reasonable rate.  We settled for “Alice’s Secret”.  This ended up being a very nice option (see review) and when we settled in we had a bit of a scrub-up and put washing on before wandering into town to see about an internet cafe.


My first priority was warm clothes.  My 12 months in the tropics of Timor Leste meant I had nothing suitable for cold desert nights of an Australian outback winter.  Don’t be fooled by the idea the Aussie outback is desert, that doesn’t mean blistering heat 24 hours a day.  The clear night skies have no ability to trap heat so it’s not a place for cotton shirt sleeves between 7pm in the evening and 9am next day.  I had to find a jacket and some thermals or I was going to cry!


That done, we found a pub next to an internet café.  The cafe had closed but the man reopened for Lisbeth when she tried the door.  Rick and I stayed in the pub and enjoyed a beer.  The pub was meant to be Alice Springs best, “Bo’s Saloon” (you can see it on several live streaming webcams apparently –did anyone spot me when I was here?).


Quite frankly, Bo can stow his saloon.  The service was terrible, the place was dirty and the beer was bloody expensive.  No excuse for any of those things in my opinion.


We made our way back to the hostel in the dark after doing a bit of grocery shopping.  Chef Rick whipped up a pasta dish in the kitchen and we all sat around the table talking travel with the others there.  Most of the guys were talking World Cup Football. 

  They had the draw and were busy mapping results.  Tonight NZ’s All Whites were playing Slovenia.  I went in for a look at the second half, in time to see us score a goal and stay in the competition.

  Considering we weren’t expected to even qualify this was quite an achievement.  I wound everyone up by telling them the NZ team were dark horses and would bring the cup back home.  There wasn’t one person that believed that, not even myself.



goezi says:
Black and white are the traditional colours of NZ Britt. Not sure where that came from but it's been forever, including for our soldiers sent into various battles around the globe.
The All Blacks (Rugby) are probably the most recognised "brand" out of NZ so we have used similar names for most of our sports teams. As you say "All Whites" (soccer), "Tall Blacks" (basketball), "Black Sticks" (hockey), "Black Caps" (cricket) to name a few.
Posted on: Jul 23, 2010
williamsworld says:
Why do you call your teams all White and all Black? Very interesting
Posted on: Jul 19, 2010
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Artworks at Aileron
Artworks at Aileron
Alice Springs
photo by: WandaMichelle