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All of this fit into those two bags...
For those wondering what ECHT is, it stands for the European Cultural History Tour.  It is a study abroad program run by Eastern Michigan University, started in the 1970's by Dr. Emanuel Fenz. It is the a bum-around-Europe-for-a-few-months experience in an easy to sell to your parents safe, 'educational opportunity' package. I will have to work on a better description, but that will sort of do for the moment.  I found it through  looking for multi countried programs that included Egypt.  At the time I would never have classified myself as the backpacking 'type'-- for my first trip to Europe (10 days in Paris, Strasbourg and Munich) I lugged along a rolling bag that could have suited a family of four for the same length of time.
Ready to go!
  I was scared shitless of this type of experience, but it was just too good to put out of my mind.  When they removed Egypt from the itinerary due to political climate and replaced it with Sicily, my resolve waivered. I didn't think it was an even trade, Egypt was my primary goal in the first place, was it worth the money without it? In the end, I decided it was. I regret to admit I primarily made the decision based on my social life at that moment and because I didn't want to appear like a dreamer -- I had told everyone I knew about this amazing thing and didn't want to face the rolled eyes if I dropped it. It is only in hindsight that I realize how lucky I was (I will explain this at the end.)

A note about the organization of this blog--
* For ease of viewing, I've loaded all photographs as being taken on my first day in each city. If they were split down by days there would be 120 screens. You can tell how long I stayed by viewing the date of the next city.
* I'm adding journals little by little. It is an arduous task. Thinking about this trip tends to lead to little side meanderings and bouts of depressing nostalgia followed by riotous desire to get on a soap box (again, this will be explained at the end). Plus I'm working 67+ hours a week trying to save for my next trip, so I don't have a great deal of free time.
* Will consider adding reviews after-- am waivering on that being as this is five years on-- no only might my memory be imperfect, things change, hotels close etc. In the mean time, I've been trying to list the sites we visited--it's a good guideline for anyone moving through Europe in a short amount of time-- ECHT has had 30 years to hone a well rounded itinerary.
* Please feel free to write me a note of you want more info or photos about anywhere in particular-- I have more of both, I just didn't want to go into over kill.
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All of this fit into those two bag…
All of this fit into those two ba…
Ready to go!
Ready to go!
photo by: kebrunn