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Sultan Mosque - Arab Street

With Erin going to work today and our past two days of bad luck, I thought I better do a little research for my day and in the end I'm glad I did.

I decided to head back to Little India because with my research I found that on Saturday when Erin and I went, we went the wrong way and didnt see any of the popular things. The first place I went was the Sri Veeramakaliamnan Temple and of course when I got there it was closed for lunch hours. It was still cool on the outside, it reminded me of the temples we went to in Mylapore, India. While walking down Serangoon Road, which is the road that goes through the heart of Little India, it started to remind me a lot of India, the smells, shops with people trying to coax' you in and the music.

Except one thing that was majorly differnt here was that you could see people of all races. This was interesting because with all the different cultures there are pros and cons. Well, the only con I can think of is walking, it is a mess on the sidewalks because some peoples walk on the right hand side and others walk on the left hand side. Therefore creating a mess when your trying to walk around.

For lunch I stopped at an Indian place because I need to get all the Indian food I can before we head to China. Before I started eating I looked around to make sure others were eating with their hands and they were. After a few minutes of me eating I could tell people were watching me, this was so annoying because I couldnt tell if they were looking at me in disgust with my form of eating with my hands, OR looking at me surprised how good my form was.

..I'm going to go with the ladder.

After eating I headed to a famous plaza called Mustafa Centre. This was 5 floors of everything. You could buy anything from cheap watches to diapers. I litearly saw kids clothes, dvd players, calendars, pharmacy, sun glasses, kitchen sinks and even flashlights. One thing that i will never forget about this mall was the bathroom. It had the toilet paper on the outside of the stall, so you had to take what you needed before you entered. This could be a dangerous game for some...

After Little India I hopped on the bus and went to Arab street. The first place I went to was the Sultan Mosque, it is impossible to miss with it's big gold dome. Of course when I got there I couldnt enter because I had shorts on, I was pretty bummed because I wanted to see the inside really bad but it is WAY to hot to wear pants.

So I moved on walked down none other than, Arab Street. It is filled with fabric shops, knick knack shops and hookah shops. So no wanting any fabrics or knick knacks, I figured I'd try the hookah shop. I sat out at a table and had a glass of lemonade and they brought this tall hookah to my table. Now after I told my mom this she freaked out but dont worry, it's nothing bad, it's flavored tobacco. They called the tobacco "shisha" and it actually tasted really good. I sat there for about an hour and read my book and had a few drinks. After that, I figured I'd better head back since Erin would be home soon.

Once Erin got home she was not feeling well. She went out to lunch with some co-workers and think she had some raw meat...So we figured we'd lay low tonight and just walk around town near the hotel.

Sri Veeramakaliamnan Temple - Little India
We were going to go to the botanical garden but we'll save that for another night.

Like I said in an earlier blog, there are malls EVERYWHERE. I figured since she wasnt feeling well that a little shopping might make her feel better. She wont say it but for some reason after walking around malls for a couple hours she didnt feel too bad. There are so many different kinds of shops here and I'd say in most malls, 75% of them are for women, so shopping was fun... I would have to say though that when we did find shops for men it was like a disease. I am not a shopper at home and for some reason when I would go into the store, I would feel like I needed a shirt or needed this or need that. I think it was something in the air but luckily I got out of all the shops without a single purchase.

We had dinner in one of the mall's food republics, which I think is just what they call a food court. These food republics are awesome, you can get any kind of food and their reasonably priced. I'm sure just like our food courts, they are not as good food and definitely not as good for you...

The last thing before I stop typing, while walking back to hotel, Erin and I were having a nice romantic walk. Singapore city is kind of like Time Square at night, all the buildings light up and its really pretty. Well as were walking Erin feels a drip on her head and runs her hand through her hair just in time for me to look back and see that a bird had pooped in her hair! Now for those of you who know Erin, this was not good, but I was really surprised, she handled it really well. She acted like she had a neck brace on the whole way back and didnt want to move her head, but she did well.

Hadi25 says:
Sad To Noe That Erin Fall Sick Due To The Raw Meat ...
Posted on: Jul 21, 2010
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Sultan Mosque - Arab Street
Sultan Mosque - Arab Street
Sri Veeramakaliamnan Temple - Litt…
Sri Veeramakaliamnan Temple - Lit…
Theres cars like this outside of …
There's cars like this outside of…