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I just loved marrakech!!!!!

Marrakech is a mystical city and is full of live. The streets of the souks, the smells, rhythms, sounds and the warm colors of this city are fascinating. It is impossible not to like Marrakech.

The Souks:

In the souks we can find everything: Olives, mint, fruit and vegetables, meat, clothes, musical instruments, carpets, lanterns, scarves, shoes, jewelry, among other things.

Exploring the souks is an adventure, and escape without being hit by sellers with hand carts, bikes, donkeys or people is a real achievement.

If you don´t want to be bother by the sellers a don’t-mess-with-me expression may work =)

The Tanneries:

We were led by a local to the tanneries, across the street bab Debbagh.

I confess that I felt more comfortable to go with a local, since the streets have almost no tourists and the environment is quite different from the environment in the souks.

At the entrance there was a "guide" who gave us a bunch of mint because of the smell (which really is not pleasant) and led us through the tannery, giving a brief explanation (I learned that they use pigeon dung in the process of tanning).

It's an interesting experience….especially for your nose!!


To bargain you need to have some persistence and patience. When asked the price of something they just say "C'est bon prix", which means 3x more that worth! There are no right price, depends of your ability and how much money you want to spend.

I usually offered 50% or less of the initial price.

With a smile you can get a reasonable price.

For 3 times I was asked at the end for a gift (a pen or something like that), it seems that they like to keep some souvenir when business is more prolonged.  When you went to Marrakech don't forget take with you a bag full of pens LOL

Place DJemaa el Fna:

This square is the center of the medina.  You will find snake charmers, mans with monkeys, musicians, women making henna, stalls with fresh orange juice, and many more.

Keep a few 10dh coins in your pocket (the performers expect a tip in exchange for a photo) and your wallet hidden. Don’t look to much if you don’t want to be disturbed.

At night the square is even more vibrating and the poor lightning gives more charm. Having a dinner in one of the many food stalls is a good experience, it’s tasty and cheap (It might not look the cleanest, but the food is genuine).

The Moroccan cuisine uses many spices,  that give a unique flavor to dishes.
The couscous and tajine (or tagine) are two of the most typical dishes.
The tagines are absolutely fabulous. I had the opportunity to eat tajine of Poullet, tajine poisson, tajine of kefta aux oeufs (beef meatballs cooked in tomato sauce) and tajine vegetarien. I can not say which I liked more because they are completely different.

The couscous is a typical berber food. Couscous is traditionally served under a meat or vegetable stew. I just love couscous!!!

For short trips use the Petit taxi (typically a fiat uno or Peugeot).  Always negotiate the price before. Pay a maximum 20-30 dh by day and 40dh by night.

About Transit:
Driving is kinda crazy, they don’t  respect the signs, they don’t use the brake (limited to slow and honk), the pedestrian crossings are nothing but an ornament (cross the road is another adventure).

Sometimes we saw several bicycles, motorcycles and cars side by side on the same road, honking to each other, and some even in the wrong direction, but the fact is that I did not see a single accident!

About the people:
Moroccans are very friendly and hospitable.
I traveled during Ramadan and i had no trouble finding restaurants open or something to eat on the street. Is a good time to visit Marrakech, you can experience something different.

From 16h/17h i began to notice a certain impatience in the negotiations and in transit (probably because of the hypoglycaemia lolol).

It’s a city perfectly safe, just have the normal precautions.

davidx says:
I was astonishe d at how much of real quality there was to see.
Posted on: Sep 12, 2010
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