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Hi there,

MY first Journal, its from a trip i made last year. I was flying to russia to see st Petersburg, moscow en from there flying to Istanbul (turkey) and then took a train a over europe, but later that first St PETERSBURG.

St Petersburg.

The city of Peter the Great (yeah a dutchmen), he took the most wonderful things in the world and put it in one place, altough it does not look like any other city i ever been.

1st day we disited to visit Peter and Paul Fortress, The first fort Peter build it pretty inpressif but not massice or something, you can't really feel that it's old or something, a lot of shops are there (for children and woman). Stil great to wonder around. Rest of the day just wonder around, and saw some quick high light's like church's of spilled blood and the hermitage.

2nd day we actualy went to the hermitage, first wondererd around the building area, to bad there was a huge Stage for Madonna in front of the building. So diside to go in. And its HUGE!!!! Don't try to see it all in 1 day it cant be done! We disited to see about 4 diffrent area's unfortuanly 1 was closed. But every room is a experiance itself, and i am not even talking about the paintings or what so ever, Just the rooms. A Few Highlights: 1 room of only dark wood, 1 room of gold, and a hallway with only portrets of army men. And of cource all the van gogh's they have. Later that night we went to some bar's it was crazy.

3th day we went to the Church of spilled blood, Named that way because Alexandre the great found his death wright there. Just walking to the church is inpressif inough to know its a very special place. Ones you are in you wil notice everything inside is not painted but mozaicted. CRAZY. And in the middle the tobe of Alexandre the great. Its a pretty small church and a shame you can't go to the top! After that we went to the park across it and just went chillin, listing and watching people. enjoying vacation. Again we went out, and geus what if you dont have anymony left let your GF take of her clothes collect the money and drink agian. :) SWEEEEET!!

4th day we wanted to go to the versaille of St Petersburg, but HEAVY VERY HEAVY rain blocked our way. So we went strolling in the streets a bit more, saw some bears dancing on a chain (so sad) and some monkeys the same way, really hated to see that. Bought some matrusca's for myself and famaly :). Did some more shopping in the main shopping street, Very FANCY SMANCY!

5th day alsmost run over a older lady on the way to the airport, And the cab driver had no change so he bought a icecream and did not even bother to open it. GARBAGE!




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