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Hello everyone!!

First and for all I have to excuse myself for my poor english as it is not my motherlanguage.

In september 2009 my dream came out and i finally took a plane with Sierra leone, freetown as destination. I already visited 18 african country's but on the moment when i left to Sierra leone, I recognized the same tention as during my first journey to Africa in 2006.


I chosed to fly with air maroc and I arrived around 2.30 o clock in the morning. Immediatly the temperature was nice, it supposed to be around 25 degrees. During september 2009 there was a pandemie if mexican flew, so after the immigrationthings, they stopped me to ask me some questions about my health, like " Hi sire, you get fever? you feel sick?". Because i learned some Crio ( the local language ) from my sierra leonian friends at home, they were really suprised by me answering them by " no boss, di body fine boss!! How yusef, di body fine?", so they didn't make any problem so I was free to start my adventure.

Because the international lungi airport is quite far from freetown, you have four choices to travel to Freetown: By land, By speedboat, By ferrie or by helicopter. Because i arrived at night I had to wait to go by land, or boat because it is to dangerous to travel by these options in the dark. So this boy took his first helicopter in his life, a real adventure, i'm telling you!! During two years already two helicopters crashed!! During the 10 minutes flight I prayed 3 different times to God. It's also not really cheap, during that time it was 70usd ( now it is already 80usd).

So it was around 4 o clock in the morning that i stepped out of the helipad and searched for a taxi to bring me to a hostel. Because tourisme is very limited in sierra leone, there are not a lot of budget-accomodation options. It was already a struggle to find a taxi because the most of the peoples who arrive from abroad are their for buisness or family visit, so they become picked up by relatives or friends. So taxidrivers are not easy to find around that area. So I talked with the manager of the helipad to call a taxi for me and after 20 minutes it was fixed. Then the other struggle " to find a place to sleep". back at home I booked a singleroom at YMCA ( young men christian association) but i never recieved a confirmation for it. but that it the kind of stress i like!! just going by God's blessing. I was lucky , there was a room for me and after a friendly talk with the receptionist i even scored myself 3 cold beers. YIHAAAA

Once i was in my room, I couldn't sleep because my body was full of tention to discover freetown ( I dreamed 3 years about going to freetown and then suddenly you are there). The sun came up and then I decided to take my fishingtools and around 6 oclock I was already walking in freetown to find the beach. It was wonderfull, I understood the most of the conversations on the streets ( the crio is a dialect from english, the language arrived in sierra leone when old slaves turned back to africa(reason why they call freetown, freetown) from the carraiben where this language exsisted) If you understand the pigiun english from Nigeria or ghana then it will not take long time to understand everything. The first thing what i noticed was that the peoples talk with a very strong voice and that discussions are just around the corner in every conversation ( more as in nigeria).

Anyway, i went to fish and didn't catched anything. So later I went to drop my fishingtools in the hostel and went to buy myself a sim-card so that i could call home.

Later that evening I started to drink some beers in the restaurant of the hostel and i had a long and nice conversation with the receptionist. The reason why I came to sierra leone was first and for all to enjoy the atmosphere and yes indeed to enjoy myself. So i asked the receptionist to show me the beachbars. An hour later, I was shaking my body on the most sweet reggaesongs. it was a kind of ghetto area but thats the way how I like it. One advice that I give you when you go out in getthoarea's, " don't be afraid and just enjoy yourself".

Later I find the way to two clubs (ACES and Paddies) and i was suprised. i even never saw a club like this in europe!!! REALLY BIG and you can not believe that you are in africa!! ( you can find an internetcafe and restaurant inside the club); Paddies even has a big balcony with an enormous view on the ocean. So i was standing there until 8 o clock in the morning with a double wiskey, my sunglasses on my face enjoying the vieuw on the ocean with reggaevibes on the background.

It can sound weird for other peoples that I went to Africa to enjoy the beach and nightlife. during the first three years of travelling i always chosed for the primitive local life and did some volunteerwork, now it was time to taste the enjoylife and sierra leone is the pefect place for that.

Sierra leonians know how to enjoy there life and the country is not that poor as we think. ofcourse 90% of the peoples are poor but I never saw a country ( expect south africa) with so many luxery. their is a big ex and import buisness going on and a lot of local become rich by this way and ofcourse don't forget that it is a diamondcountry!!


During this holiday I met wonderfull peoples, wonderful beaches and visited on countryside village by the name of Kaballa!!

after one month I returned back home and I was fully satisfied!!

i returned back to sierra leone in march 2010 for two month and rented myself a small house and experienced the local life!!!

To be continued...


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photo by: ZaiTuray