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Amber's husband Mac is my favorite Alameda friend (he made me say that, I have tons of better friends over there). Actually remember when you went to college and you would become friends with the guy who owned a car? Now think of the guy who can fly a plane. That is how I befriended Mac. NOOOOOO!!!! He is a really great guy and this is all a lie. He actually took me around Alameda and picked me up from the BART station one time on his green little old Vespa. It came close to the scene of Dumb and Dumber, though I had the sense of blatter control not to pee my pants. Although in this situation it probably would have cooled off things, as I am thinking about it now. Oh, my ramblings go off. The point is that he is a pilot and is already licensed to fly the smaller planes by himself. SO one day I looked into those beautiful green blueish greyish brownish (i really dont know) eyes of his and intantenuous he asked me if I would like to come with him and fly to a far away country. After a lot of deliberation and convincing I really dont swing that way, we decided to take a tour with a Cessna over the bay. Lianne would come to as a sort of chapperonne to make sure hands would only be placed on one stick (the plane's that is). It is frickin' cool. We took off from Mac's home airstrip, where he normally flies commercial bannerplanes and started our journey to the bay in a plane not bigger than a hummer. And here it comes... All this crap you had to read, all this setup, just to discover I wanted to tell you one thing..... I FLEW THE PLANE!!!!! Yes, as of today (last month) I am a sort of licensed pilot who can in the ' highly unlikely event' of the actual pilot passing out, keep the plane straight and adjust the altitude AND!!!!! can make a left or right turn. Now I hear you say... But Sebastian what about landing?  YES!!! That might prove a problem and honestly also the navigation of the plane is not yet in my control, so when this ' highly unlikely event' does happen we will (you who reads this being the 3rd passenger) probably either crash when the fuel runs out, but even more likely get shot down for flying in restricted airspace and being mistaken for terrorists. But still, Mac told me I did a good job and I just want you to take 5 secs and think about how great that is. The scenery was absolutely beautiful and sadly enough we were just too late to see the golden gate as the fog rolled in at a 190 miles a hour as if it were late for something. We also did some maneuvers (spelling please?). A fast full circle, a stall and my favorite, the zero G dive, where the plane would take a nosefall and everything in the cab started to float around you, which in turn also makes a a little bit of an astronaut. After some time we went back to the airport and Mac landed the plane beautifully, and by looking I think i got it down. So thank you for flying Seabass air, be sure to book with me once I get home. it will be the flight of your death..... errrr... life.

karinkleijwegt says:
I would most definitly book a flight with Seabass air: heaps of fun! No serious: you should write a book, your stories are too funny. Take care, Karin
Posted on: Aug 15, 2007
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