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A day, a week, a month. What is the difference. I just had a little blog fever, so sue me. I will just backtrack a little and write as if it were happening to me right now or yesterday or something like that, maybe a month ago. JUNE 20 San Francisco. After crazy Vancouver I needed some rest, needless to say. There was that good old SF in my eyesight, so I took a plane over there and went to see my friends in the region. Lianne was waiting for me a the BART (nederlanders leest METRO) stop . Stayed with Amber and Mac for the time being and started to work on my tan for the next days. Poolside bronzed god was my goal. I ended up a drunk lobster man, who should stop his insane burn and fade theory. Trust me al you burn and faders, that shit might work in Holland, but now any closer to the equator. Getting drunk at poolside however does work. In the next days I took the BART or hitched a ride into the city. Took some pictures and had the best piece of crab ever. Saw some old friends. blablabla.

Amber and Katie took me out for a night on the good town of Alameda. We met up with some friends and had some drinks. Next stop: pool hall in the good old pittoresk city of Oakland. Its good to experience what it is like to be a minority as we were the honkeys in the back... Next door there was a comedy club and Amber was convinced that Eddie Murphy was doing a set there. After some great detective work of somebody whose name we will not write down here we came closer to the truth. Nay, it was not Eddie Murphy, it was Andy Griffith. GENIOUS!!!!!! I can see that: an old 90 year old comedian performing in Oakland (anybody from out of town????). Suffice it to say that after asking the cook it turned out to be Eddie Griffin (for those who do not know, he is the man whore pimp from deuce bigalow).  Turned to bed that night with tee many martoonis and paid the price the next day.  I was forced to lay in by nook (read comfortable bed right next to the tv) and watch movies all day. Ah , the life of a backpacker...

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