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Hi everyone,

This is my first week in Edmonton, so I thought it would be a nice opportunity to give a first impression of the trip and Canada itself. Canada is a beautiful country wih lots of mountains and blablablablablablabla. Yeah, that is exactly what this blog is not for. To have you all read this and take the risk I will bore you to death or get you fired, because you thought it would be a good idea to read this at work and are drooling over your keyboard right now. Edmonton is a nice city. High crime rates (they found a 22 year old guy in the trunk of a car in the parking lot of a church yesterday), many bars, grid system, Putin (which is a dish from Quebec, which invloves fries soaked in cheese and gravy... mmmmmmm...) and so on. We (Ann Marie, Gen and I) went out last Saturday to a bar called Cook County. It was a sort of cowboy bar complete with country and cowboy music, people dancing appropriately to it, a mechanical bull (which I apparantly am supposed to ride the next time we are there) and a whole bunch of beer. While waiting in line I had no idea what to expect, except that I saw people getting thrown (litterally) out of the bar and fights breaking out left and right over spots in line and many more important issues. The image I had of the bar inside then was comparable to the bar in the Blues Brothers where they play for a bunch of rednecks and the podium is shielded with chicken wire. Why, because there is beerbottles flying around everywhere. Luckily inside it wasnt as bad and people were just having a good time. The girls were doing the cowboy dance and I was trying to get up on the bar to dance with some ladies, but got brutally pulled down by a grumpy bouncer. Apparantly I wasnt feminine enough to dance on the bar.

Tuesday I went with a friend of Anne Marie to a pub. He was meeting there with his traditional french canadian dance group. We had a couple of beers. The group gave away a free show and we all had a lot of fun.

For the rest I have been taking it easy these days. My days mostly exist of a nice long run through the local national park (got to get those legs up and running for the long walks ahead). I walk and bike through town and keep forgetting to bring my camera. Generally I just have been hanging out and around the first week and are absolutely loving it. Today I will bring my camera into town and take some pictures I can post.

Coming weekend we are off to Jasper, a town around which it is really nice to camp. All nature stuff and something like that. And yes... there are grizzlys, but dont worry. People here have already explained to me that when one sees a bear one should run for ones life and try to outrun the bear..... HAHA

Next week more...

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photo by: silan