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Vancouver is pretty interesting. Got myself checked into a hostel and started to explore the city. Now let me tell you.... This city has got some crazy people in it and if you want to party till you die then i would definately advise you to travel here and meet with the locals. The first night I met Candy and her friends who took me on a rampage through all sorts of clubs in Vancouver, among whch a newly opened gay club. Even though I must insist here that I REALLy dont swing that way, I must say I was the hottie of the evening. After a great night I ended up in the hostel and took some well deserved rest. Or so I thought. The next day I was in the hostel pub and met up with some vancouver boys. Iffy and Savage they called themselves. Now, I dont care how naive you are, but if you meet people that introduce themselves like that then you know you will have a great time. And so we did.... After a many a beer in the hostel pub we soon made our way through the streets of Vancouver where Iffy was so kind to show the national sport od jay-walking and the national consequence of him getting a ticket for it. Next up was a mexican bar where we had a serious ongoing match of peanut basketball that just covered the entire floor of the bar with peanuts. As nightime fell we got a little cold and decided to build a campfire at the beach. Lack of alcohol send us running for more and after raiding the local liquor store we were off to the beach again and to our amazement the fire was still going. Savage the avid fire builder soon got the whole thing burning like an inferno and we hung out nice and warm by the fire, that is until the Vancouver fire department pulled out with big materials and stated: " you really cannot have a fire at the beach, EY!!!!" A lesson well learned there. The other days I explored the city and did all the touristy stuff nobody wants to hear about. But as always fun fun fun...
karinkleijwegt says:
Hey Sebas,

well finally found your blog! Seems the alcohol has put you in a big long coma, because it's been over a month sinds your last story.... I'm just saying that I love the way you write and can't wait for your next heroic tail! Take care, Karin
Posted on: Jul 22, 2007
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