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Here we go... A 24 hour flight to Edmonton Canada. First Amsterdam London where I waited 6 hours for my next flight, which seemed brutal to me at first, but upon my arrival my in London my day got a lot better. As I was checking in on one of those self check in machines for the flight from London to Canada the stupid machine told me there were only two vacant seats left in the plane. Of course you can guess where... IN THE F&C&%$ MIDDLE OF THE MIDDLE OF THE PLANE!!!! Now what... Luckily one of the respresentatives of BA was walking around so I tried to look as sad as possible (even tried to cry a little, but failed horribly), then I asked her if there was any way to get an aisle seat. She pointed me toward one of her colleagues who started to type on her computer very much the same way as the woman on Meet the Parents did. I just kept smiling, upped my height to a dazzling 6,6 (2.01 meters), which is a little bit enthusiastic. So at the end of her amazing typing session she got me seat 13 B. In my book a B seat is always in the middle of a big plane, but hey sh was quite sure of herself. And then just before I went into the plane it hit me. row 13 was in the front of the plane and my gut feeling was right....... FIRST CLASS BABY!!!! Had a very good fligh i might say. Lots of room and alcohol :)))))))

The last leg from Vancouver to Edmonton was alright, had to wait a little bit and the flight wasnt terrible. I was just sooooo tired when i got there. Now I am here in Edmonton ready to see the sights and start the 5 month party. No pictures of the flight though, thought that would be a little too geeky. More to come in the world travel for making benefit of netherlands. Hope you guys can hang on without me.... i know it must be very hard :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

rudyuijtenhaak says:
Hey Ouwe,

Ik doe het lekker in het Nedelands. Die Engelse kunnen de pot op haha. Hoop dat je het naar je zin hebt. Vermaak en als je terug bent doen we snel weer een biertje.

Posted on: Jun 19, 2007
daantje says:
Whow Sebastiaan,
Although is very hard to type in English I will try and do my best! There must be something to laugh about!!
To start with your last quote “Hope you guys can hang on without me.... I know it must be very hard” Oke oke it’s true We are survivors and manage to do it without your help. But it is not same. With a smile around my mouth I sometimes think back at the moments we shared!
I don’t want to make in to a dramatic thing. Ha ha I miss you the most when I have a good drink in the pub!! He and about that FIRST CLASS thing ha ha they wouldn’t never let me switch the seat! (1.66 cm) So it was no coincidence that you go it!! Coincidence doesn’t exist! Do you want more to smile ;-))) Oke the weather is bad here in Amsterdam!! It rains a lot.
I hope to reed a lot from you and hope for a lot of exiting things for you to experience.
Oke somebody must ”de spits af bijten” (write first)

I think of you, Big Hug
Posted on: Jun 14, 2007
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