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Australia is one big country, but there are a lot of things to do even in the city. Just a bus ride, and there's the wonderful Bondi beach, so clean, so cool and inviting. Transportation is pretty easy and so discipline. I wish we have that kind of system in Manila. The parks are also luxurious, you can just while away, and then walk to the shops, to churches, restos, museums. And hey, do you know you can go to museum for free ? i.e., near closing time around 4pm, you can have 1 hour to see the museum for free. I think this is the melting pot, next to US. I've seen a lot of Asians around and people move here freely. Oh, but there are some crazy people as well. One morning, we went to Hyde Park and was chased by a drunkard. Ha ha, it was a running spree... at least and pumped my system. We also went to Blue Mountain and 3 sisters, and the sight is just breathtaking. I was just disappointed with the so called famous meatpie on the way as it was runny and tasted like cornstarch.I never get to experience nightlife though, as Aussies end the day early, shops closed by 5...But still I enjoyed it a lot...I'd like to come back

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