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Cappadocia has a lot to offer contrary to what people think. As I came to the bus station I first went to the information office in goreme which is the place where all the tourists usually stay. I stayed at KOSE pension which is a good enough place besides being easily accessible from the main road. The place charged me I think 15 ytl per day for a dorm room and since this was the off season it was only me in the room. Besides its also got a swimming pool and free wi fi access. What more does one want?

Goreme can be easily traveled on foot although for going to avanos and other far areas one needs to take a taxi or better still rent a bike or car. The museum in goreme which has a lot of history behind it is a place worth going to.

Its got a lot of fairy mountains which had been used by the Christians and also has a lot of frescoes though some of them had been removed. The museum got a bit boring for me once I saw a few of the places since a lot of stuff was monotonous and I am not much of a historical junkie of the museum kind. No offence meant to any one!

The night scene in Goreme is laid back with a few clubs but not a lot of people although PACHA BAR is a place worth going to and there is one near the museum I forgot its name. most of the places usually close by 8 pm but still since Goreme is a hilly place one can enjoy the air. Besides at evenings the best thing one can do is watch the sunset from the hills where one can also view the colorful background of the land below. Bikers can have a good time climbing the hills as it sure is one exercise but those people who go on foot its not that difficult you just need a 10 minute sprint!lolz.

ooh cmon get that tummy inside and start running!!

 This was how I spent my first day in goreme. The next day was packed with action as I booked a tour of three places I think for 50 ytl including transfers, entrance and guide. The tour takes you to: underground city, pigeon valley and Selime cathedral. I think one has to book this tour because you cant get it cheaper than that and the distances between the places are large.

The underground city was a treat to watch. Its got nine levels beneath the ground with its ingenious exhaust systems, food storage places and ventilation spots. These were made by the people as a means of defence. The levels when they go beneath the ground become narrower in width as you go deeper which is the testament to the people’s ability to secure themselves through any mass attack besides the height of any level is around 5 feet thereabout which makes it extremely difficult for attackers to be present in large numbers.

Who were these people? They were better than the recent architects!! Besides there are lots of ways inside so anyone not familiar with the place could easily become lost and die probably of claustrophobia.furthermore people who are claustrophobic shouldn’t go inside because if you get an attack then  there is no doctor for miles! So the multitude of different passages were meant to hoodwink the enemy. The place also has a well and numerous ventilation ducts some are hidden to the naked eye whereas others can be seen because it protected people inside in a siege from the outside when the ventilation ducts were closed. The kitchen and the storage chambers are also worth looking at and besides the place in totality in dark is amazing! We need Scooby doo here!!


After the underground city we went to a gorge although I seem to forget its name.

the terrain in the gorge was rocky and we ,I mean the group I was traveling with , were expected to make a 10 km journey around the gorge. Some of the rock formations were simply enthralling to see in the backdrop of the shadows created by the sun. we had lunch in one of the restaurants which was included in the price of the tour but I would classify the serving as small. After lunch we got to the bus on the way to Selime Cathedral.


Selime cathedral for all those people who have been to the open air museum and fairy mountains is nothing new atleast that’s my opinion. Although in some instances the visit was a learning exercise.

Furthermore after selime we went to the pigeon valley which is this amazing place where one can see a lot of pigeons. This valley also has red colored hills which at the time of sunset looks extra terrestrial.

  The place also has a craftsmen workshop where people can buy souvenirs but I didn’t buy any. Pls note you can also bargain here and you must I think start with 1/3 rd of what they ask and you could get something good.


The last day in goreme I rented a motorbike and traveled around the rose valley , avanos and some other places. The roads at some of the far off places are pot holed so its better to drive slowly but anyways it sure was a good exercise getting the wind into my eyes !! the rose valley and surroundings should be visited in the evening partly because of the unrelenting sun at noon time and also the best views can be had in the evening because the place is made of red hills which change color at sunset. avanos is a city where the locals are in big numbers and one can find a lot of carper weavers in it and a lot of workshops as well as restaurants.

Thus my trip to cappadocia came to an end and I had to catch night bus to alanya




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photo by: spocklogic