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Staying in alanya for one and a half day was enough. The beach in alanya is good but it is populated to a great degree I am speaking of the areas which  have free entrance. What more can you expect?

Alanya is famous for Russian tourists making it a second home because it is close to Russia and its cheap as well when seen in the Russian context and one can find a lot of Russian girls married to the local Casanova boys. With nothing to do in the morning next day I booked a tour to the rafting centre which is very far from the main centre of alanya.

White water rafting is a fun sport and I had loads of fun at the rafting centre but these people at the centre rip you off by selling photos for 15 euros and make videos for the entire trip for like 40 euros. But one cant blame them its business!

Anyways the water table was low so we didn’t get huge undulations in the raft but still our guide in the raft was a jolly guy and he used to throw occasionally people in the freezing water. This was the best part of the whole exercise and once what we people did was gang up against him and threw him in the water. Furthermore near the end of the rafting trail there is a high diving point where people have to climb like 20 stairs and then make a dive in the running water. Boy I wont forget that!! Ouch I got my ear closed in it!!

We came back in the evening and then that is the time( though people come at night) when the fun begins at alanya especially near the bar street. The best places to hangout for free are Havana and other bars near about but before going there one can indulge in some shopping though the shops sell their wares at steep prices. Anyways the night passes fairly quickly!!!

shazyousaf says:
Alanya is a great place. I go there every year and now do a bit of work for my dad's company too (he lives there). I'm making a guide of the places i like in Alanya. Have a look:
Posted on: Sep 18, 2007
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