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an eventful two days has landed me in a place known as the Blue Mountains, about a couple of hours away from Sydney. to tell the story of the last two days I guess I better start at the begining and not tell you about my stolen wallet just yet....

we decide to leave Phillip Island and head for an area known as Lakes Entrance, a piture perfect place on the south coast. the idea is to make our way around the coast slowly towards Sydney.

we head off at 11am and end up arriving in a ski resort at 10pm (not quite the plan but oh well!). along the way we decided it would be nice to go inland to the snowy mountains and head for the Cambera. about an hour into the mountains and we hit a dirt track - amazing views and lots of kangaroos jumping about everywhere makes for a great time. after half an hour of being on this bumpy dirt track we start to wonder when it will end (we also wonder where everyone else is - its unbelivably vast with no1 in sight for miles). an hour roles by and we're still on this dirt track going up and down the mountain sides. Starting to get a bit worried now as we are low on petrol and arnt too sure where we are. a further half an hour and we see our first veichle - a 4x4 comes speeding around the corner - only an idiot would drive on this kind of track without a 4x4! after two hours on the dirt road it gets dark and rabbits jump out from everywhere, theres noway you can swerve to avoid em our you'll be off the side of the mountain - fortunatly there were no casualties. Finaly we get onto a normal road, you have no idea how good it can feel to drive on tarmac!

after another 30 minutes or so we arrive in a small town, thankfully it has a petrol station and we fill up. unfortunatly Cambera had no accomodation so we had to stay in this town. We tell the owner of the place we're staying at where we've been, this was his comment "*flip* you've just drivven across one of the worst roads in Australia, you must be crazy". aparently there are lots of other ways we could have gone, oh well - you wait till you see the photos!

after our night in the ski resort we move on to Cambera and then on to the Blue Mountains. unfortunatly on the way here we stopped at a petrol station and my wallet was stolen :( I turned my back on it for a minute and someone swipped it! the local police are on the case though, so fingers crossed! we are now staying in a place called katoomba. I went out for a walk this morning and its bloody amazing! the views are spectacular, ive never seen anything like it in my life! you walk all around the mountain and get spectacular views of rainforest covered mountains for as far as the eye can see. i skipped over the railings and one point and sat on a plateau where a water fall ran off to a 100 ft drop and you could see for miles. I will upload some more photos soon.

Looks like im gonna be here for a while, waiting for my cards to get sorted out. fortuantly the hostel has offered me some work to cover my board costs, an hours work and i get a 30 dollar room free, so its not too bad at all.

Thanks to everyone for the various messages on the message board - it warms my heart :-D

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as my good friend Adele pointed out, I always seem to have something funny happening to me - not this time, I've had a relativly peaceful few days! Today we went to some caves, about an hours drive away - it was spectacular! however, i was annoyed at how commercial it was. There was no way you could get into any of the caves without paying at least 25 dollars and then you had to go in with a guide. its really annoying cause I could have spent all day looking around the 8 kilometers of caves (that have so far been discovered, they reckon theyve only seen about 30% so far). the tour that we went on took us to the under ground river, it was amazing to see (even if the french tourists got on my nerves a bit). It's certainly made me want to do some cave diving (Steve you should get out here and come do one of the dives, they've so far gone down 90ft!). I'm looking forward to getting to the great barrier reef and doing more diving courses. we also went on the worlds steepest railway, absolutley frilling...well it could have at least had a few loop the loops in it, but atleast i can say I went on it...for 10 blinkin dollars! oh well, it was nice while it lasted for 20 seconds. tomorrow we are heading towards the bright lights of Sydney! we will be staying in an apartment in Darling Harbour (which is aparently the poshest and nicest part of the city). The apartment has a privat roof top sydney with great views of the sydney sky line, so i will send back plenty of photos :) Tomorrow I will update my photos so you can all share in the views of the Blue Mountains, I still cant get over some of the things ive seen up here, purely amazing! I hope you are all keeping safe and not doing anything I would do! missing you all (well, most of you....not really missing miller....ok I'm lost without him, but dont tell him). lots of love to you all xxxxxxxxx