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What a shame that I will soon be leaving the surf coast, but its not all bad news - I am now venturing onto the great barrier reef! which means lots of diving, snorkling, rainforests and small tropical islands.

today we leave Noosa (where I have been for the past three nights) and head off to rainbow bay, which is my passage way to Fraser Island - a tropical island with no roads, hostels or pubs (no worries, you can bring your own booze), only accesible in a 4x4. Im gonna be there for 3 days and two nights camping under the stars, I'm sure I will let you know how it goes!

not much productive has gone on here in Noosa, its a bit too laid back for productivness. practising the guitar and reading (along with surfing of course) have been the key items on the agenda.

Australia zoo was definatly the best I have ever been too, but it would still have been better to see the animals in the wild - although the croc show demonstrated how fast and sneaky they can be! I won a photo of Steve Irwin by standing up infornt of everyone at the crocoseum and trying to attract some birds which had been released in the arena, unfortunatly the birds flew off (it was the first time they had tried this) and i looked like a complete muppet - along with the fact that I was wearing my pyjama bottoms (due to the fact that they were the only clean trousers i had) i looked quite the idiot, but atleast i won a prize! still, it was embarrasing when the guy said "yes you sir, in your pyjamas, perhaps you can help us". stroking kooalas, feeding kangaroos and elephants made it into a nice day out. I also saw a snake eat a rabbit, crazy how big its mouth got - it reminded me alot of you mum!

I am off, gone, away, its time to move on, but rest assured, i will be in touch!

thanks for the messages!
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photo by: jbo