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We have now arrived in Sydney - which I have to say is my favourite city so far (except for Adelaide which isnt realy a city).

we have been really lucky and landed completly on our feet. A German girl who we met waaaaay back in Lorne said there was space in an apartment she had previously stayed at, she mentioned it was awesome but....not this awesome! the place has a shared gym, sauna and whirl pool. the apartment itself has a huge widescreen TV, surround sound, bar, nice kitchen, balcony, private roof top with its own jacqouzi, pool table and BBQ (with amazing views of the sun rising over the CBD in Sydney and the sunset over the suburbs). we couldnt have asked for better, and its only 100 quid a week, which is a bit less than a hostel here would cost.

Hannah and I are living here with a german girl (the one who told us about the apartment) and a guy from central Europe who moved to germany a few years ago (if you have ever seen 'you dont mess with the Zohan' - he sounds and acts exactly like him!).

The only problem with this place is that som1 seems to be trying to mess with me Big Brother style. I had to go down to the parking lot to get something out of my bag yesterday, when i got own there I tried to take the lift back up to the 10th floor, but it would not let my security card activate it. the building is sectioned into differnt areas so i went to a differnt lift to try and get up, with no avail! so i walk around a bit and find the exit out to the gardens. after a futher 10 mintues i find an entrance to reception. I speak to the guy and he looks at the card "everything is fine with this card" he says. so i go to the lift directly opposite and try - once again - no good, so he trys it and it works first time "what are you talkin bout Bra" says the reception man.

the next day i go down with hannah and come back up and all is fine. 20 minutes later I have to go back down - i try to come back up again and it wont bloody let me! I get really annoyed and hit all the buttons, for some reason it lests me go to level 8. I get off an notice som1 has wedged open the fire door which leads to the stairs, i think too myself "hmmmm i can walk up to level ten from here". i get up to level ten, go thru the door and find out im in the wrong section of the bloody building! fine, i go back thru the door to level 8, som1 has now shut the door and it wont let me thru, back up to level 10 and I have the same problem - I walk down thru all the level trying all the doors but cnnot get out anywhere except for the gardens on the lowest floor - at which point I dont realise theres a step and I trip onto my face. once again I make my way to recpetion and go through the same routine with the guy on reception. Of course, when he tries it, no problems! now i know this was a long story but its really been buging me, I had to tell som1 - so why not tell all of you!

my luck picked up this evening as we went to a pub that had crab racing on a thursday night, I won over 100 dollars! so I'm quite happy now :D

we also went to Bondi Beach today, which was nice....but you get the same thing in Guernsey when the sunds shinning (even better if you ask me).

so, for the next week we will be stying here and then moving up the east coast, I hope you all like the photos from the mountains! I will soon post some of the apartment.

cor, sorry for the long post, i hope it keeps some of you distracted from work!

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photo by: Sunflower300