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After waking up too early in that just a little too hard bed (am I spoiled with a horsehair, rubber, and foam with airholes-mattress at home?) I took my novel and read a bit, dozed off, and woke up again to start the day. Daughter went to look if my sister and nephew were ready for that breakfast, and when they were we went to the breakfast room. It seemed we were pretty early at 9.15 for there was only one other person at that moment. However, slowly there were more people entering, and it added to a cozy atmosphere.
According to my sister a breakfast buffet is the highlight of a night in a hotel, and I only have to agree.

When breakfast was done we had to pack our stuff again, for we only had this one night break. It was no problem to leave our luggage at the reception, it was labeled, and stored in the restaurant for us, to pick up at late afternoon.

And of we went to explore town. Ofcourse the Martinitoren was on our list, despite my fear of heights, or actually fertigo which has to do with the Menière disease. Information at the tourist office learned us that it was safely fenced of, and after the tour up my sister, who has been on several of those "highlights", declared that this was just a piece of cake compared to the Empire State building.

Once we were with all our feet on ground level again, we headed for the "Hanze huis", just to look around, but as soon as we entered, we knew this was the shop to buy our mother a nice gift. It was hard to choose but we finally managed. We could pick it up later that day so we did not have to carry it all the way with us, and in meantime the staff could wrap it nicely in the Hanze huis special gift case.

What next? My sister and I wanted a bit of culture, a museum or something alike, and just outside the ring of canals you can find the cartoon museum. However at the looks of our children's faces we decided this was so totally not what they wanted, and thus we went right away to the museum we as adults wanted to go to, which was the "Museum voor de Noordelijke Scheepvaart" - (Museum for the northern shipping and everything related to that).

We planned to have a late lunch or early dinner, depending or your point of view; just because we wanted to take a train back to Amsterdam around dinnertime, and we needed to pick up the gift for Mom, as well as our luggage at the hotel.
So we started looking for a place to have our meal and the choice for this day was for "De drie gezusters" (The three sisters) although we were only with two sisters visiting Groningen :D

After this lunch or dinner, well actully nice food, we picked up the gift and luggage, and headed for the railway station to get the train back home again. At Amsterdam, husband was waiting for us with the car at the ferry, and after these last kilometers we were home again, looking back on a well deserved break.

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