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KL at night. a view from my window.

Last night was a tough night. Whoa! I met some new friends at the club and had a great time with them. We finished drinking at almost two o’clock.  Same as yesterday, the hotel receptionist was prompt in waking me up. I made sure i have to be up by seven because the bus to Melaka was scheduled to leave at eight.  Even though i was informed that it’s a little traffic on the way, i still  took the risk to have a quick breakfast at the hotel. And guess what,  no amount!, i made it exactly on time.

Important notes about nightlife in KL:

Most clubs and bars in KL have dress codes... same as everywhere. Dress smartly and casually. Each clubs offers a different ambiance and different means of relaxation. Well, you can visit a bar with a live band playing, a club that plays house music, a disco house, an acoustic lounge, a sports room... choose your place!

Liquors and Cigarettes in KL are much more expensive compared to the Philippines. A pack of cigarettes here in Malaysia is about RM20-30, while a shot of Vodka on the rocks costs almost the same (In my country, a pack of Marlboro is about RM3, and a shot of vodka is RM5). A mug of draft beer or a shot of tequila is about RM12-15, a mixed drink or a cocktail is about RM25.

Almost all clubs and bars have service charges and tax fees. So if you are partying with a tight budget, better include some surcharges in your computations. It’s a little embarrassing to get short on cash. :)

Be generous. well, atleast attemp to be one.

i noticed that if your change is less than RM10, they don't usually give it back. maybe it's assumed you will share it as a "tip" anyway.  So in order to save those "precious coins"... the best way is to pay the exact amount. :)

Expect that some locals will offer you “girls” or “boys” for that matter... you know what i mean. They will be very insistent in offering you. If you aren’t for that kind of thing, just politely say no... but, if you would like to take their offer. It is about RM200 for a night. (even the girls were hot, i am so glad i had the guts to say NO.) Please do not misunderstand, I am not promoting prostitution here. Come on! ... just thought this might be helpful to some.

I am at the KL tourism center now. The bus dropped us here after our full-day trip in Melaka. This center offers free internet and computer usage... a chance for me to check my mails and to update my blog.




kcru777 says:
thanks Greg. It's not much and detailed, but atleast, its an overview of how KL is at night. :)
Posted on: Jul 15, 2010
gregisco says:
Good advice to know about the nightlife there
Posted on: Jul 15, 2010
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KL at night. a view from my window.
KL at night. a view from my window.