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Macaws at the bus stop

On the road again.  The bus will pick us up at La Montana Hotel across from Los Pinos at 9 am and will get us to Tamarindo in Guanacaste around 2 pm.  The first two hours of the ride were long going.  A dirt road, sometimes one lane and filled with potholes.  At times we could not have been traveling faster than 10 miles per hour.

                At about 11:30 we pulled into the transit center, we were half way there.  Here we had to wait 20 minutes and switch busses.  It was good to get out and stretch our legs, buy a snack or drink.  We also were able to see about 10 bright colored Macaws in the trees.

View from the top of Joey's Place
  They were very pretty and their tail feathers were huge, stretching at least a foot beyond their body if not more.

                After completing our transit the bus dropped us off at Pase Tiempo Hotel so we used the drivers cell phone to call Joey (owner of our next stay) at Casa Bambora.  He came and picked us up in his ret Toyota pick up truck.  Brenda got the cab while I got to ride in the back with the luggage.  The road to Joey’s is pretty rough.  Taxis don’t even like driving up it but Joey said it won’t get fixed because all the people living there can’t vote (non citizens) so politicians ignore the problem. 

                Our room at Joey’s is very nice.

Chillin in the hammock on our porch.
  We are on the third floor giving us a view just over the trees to the ocean.  The 4th level is a viewing deck for everyone to enjoy sunsets and this is where we will kick back with a beer and meet the other people (one person) staying at Casa Bambora.

                Inside we have a full kitchen and bathroom in a studio layout with two sliding doors to a porch that wraps around the whole place.  Throughout our stay we will hear many different birds; see orioles, woodpeckers shore birds squirrels, hummingbirds, centipedes and the at the pool and hear howler monkeys in the distance.  Joey also has two big dogs that guard his place but are very friendly and at times will sit outside our door as well.

Proud of our local products overseas.

                Joey shared with us that he bought the land in 1992 and built the place for himself.  He lives on the second level connected to the apartments and his dad, Richard lives below him.  Richard is a great guy to talk to and was a golden glove boxer from Texas.  He shared stories about high school, knocking his principal out a window and life in Costa Rica.  Very entertaining.

                We checked out town that afternoon.  Its not too big, has lots of shops and restaurants.  Souvenirs are more expensive here than in La Fortuna and the beach, although long looks a lot smaller than quepos.

cloudy sunset from the top.
  During the High season Tamarindo is apparently quite the party town, in the low season it was a little quieter, just how we like it.  We grabbed a meal and some groceries and headed back to Joey’s for the sunset.  We were pretty excited to see some good Wisconsin products when we were at the grocery store.  As far as imported beer was concerned we saw Budweiser (not Wisconsin) and then right next to the cans of Welch’s Grape Juice was cans of Milwaukee’s Best.  No Miller Light, but the Beast made an appearance.  We were so proud.

                Walking back to Joey’s is a little trek.  However there is a shortcut , a side trail that is somewhat steep and definitely slick after a rain but it gets you there much sooner.  Very difficult to keep your footing if you are sporting some thong sandals.

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Macaws at the bus stop
Macaws at the bus stop
View from the top of Joeys Place
View from the top of Joey's Place
Chillin in the hammock on our porc…
Chillin in the hammock on our por…
Proud of our local products overse…
Proud of our local products overs…
cloudy sunset from the top.
cloudy sunset from the top.
Brendas new friend at dinner.
Brenda's new friend at dinner.
Vultures on our walk back
Vultures on our walk back
photo by: Nico22