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Brenda is ready for the beach

                An early morning wake up call at 6:00am.  We have a 7:15 bus picking us up (Grey Line bus company) that will be taking us to Quepos.  This is also our first Costa Rican Breakfast; rice, black beans, eggs, mystery meat (sausage & delicious) and some mystery fruit.  The breakfast area is indoors but like most restaurants in Costa Rica there are no exterior walls, it’s just open to the street so we can see the rain pouring down outside.  We knew it was the rainy season but we were hoping to get some good weather and hopefully no rain in the mornings so we can do activities.  On this day, this is not the case and in San Jose at 6:30am it is a little chilly.

These little beach crabs do not like the flash of the camera, but they are not too quick for it.

                The bus ride to Quepos was very pretty.  Some excellent views of rainforests in the mountains and valleys.  At times very slow moving as the bus climbed the mountains side, and other times it seemed quick as we passed every other vehicle only to be stopped by a bide race and airplane with no wings being pulled down the road by a semi.

                We dropped off another couple at the Best Western in Jaco which looked quite nice, with a big pool and was near the beach.  Then we continued to Quepos with just us, the driver and about 8 empty seats.

The beach outside our hotel.
  The whole drive to Quepos took about 4 hours.  It could have been less but we spent about 20 minutes waiting for the other couple at their pick up point in San Jose.  But we learn this is part of the Pura Vida lifestyle in Costa Rica.  There are often times where things do not run on time, it is just laid back.  However we will never test that to the fullest and will always be on time rather than the couple to show up late or miss the bus because we were late.

                We will stay at the Verde Mar which is a hotel on the far end of Quepos and is very close to Manuel Antonio National Park.  We have a small room with a fridge, hot plate, coffee maker (no coffee) sink, etc.

  Everything you need as long as you don’t mind having no T.V.  The doors have animal carvings on them and a pair of rocking chairs outside.  We are just over the pool and in sight of the beach and ocean. 

                As we went out to explore the beach we were amazed at the size of it and the fact that it seemed like there were no people on it!  This is their down season which is great for us.  We have our first monkey sighting as we walk up the beach and see a handful of white faced monkeys playing in the tree line eating some fruit.  As we ventured up and down the beach venders would stop by to ask if we’d like a chair or snow cone, but otherwise the beach was very peaceful.

The journal writing spot for our stay in Quepos.
  Finally the temptation of the ocean became too much, and we ditched our extra clothes and towels and began to wade in.  The tide was very strong.  You could feel the sand get pulled out beneath your feet with the undertow as you would sink down.  With the strong tide also came strong and large waves.  You didn’t even have to go too deep before the waves could reach over your head.  We had some great body surfing runs before heading back to lay in the sun. 

Just under the reach of the trees we laid down, closed our eyes and heard some rustling in the branches above.  Straight up was another monkey looking around as our beach neighbor was guarding her snacks and bananas she brought with her.

Note to self. You are in a rainforest, leave food on the counter and you will have some type of insects.
  The monkey begin to look a little suspicious as the casually hang out in the trees near by.

After a quick clean up we will go explore and walk towards the park where we will find a few venders, shops, lunch and a grocery store.  The lunch was fantastic, Brenda and I both had a great tuna steak sandwich with avocado and we shared a 2 liter bottle of water while a stray cat and her kittens would walk around looking for scraps.

We kept things low key the rest of the day.  Brenda took a short nap and then we went for a walk along the beach.  The sun sets early here, around 6:00 but not before we were able to find about 8 more monkeys, see a wedding on the beach and chase a bunch of tiny white sand looking crabs.  We went for a 7:00 swim in the pool and were able to hear some howler monkeys in the distance.  They sound like barking dogs and could be scary if they were ever close.  To end the night we were chilling outside our door in our rocking chairs listening to the hard rain and the ocean and hoped the ants that showed up in our room by our snacks would stay away from the bed and our food after relocating everything to the fridge.  And Brenda kept her eyes on the many gecko lizards running on the walls outside hoping they would not come in our bed.

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Brenda is ready for the beach
Brenda is ready for the beach
These little beach crabs do not li…
These little beach crabs do not l…
The beach outside our hotel.
The beach outside our hotel.
The journal writing spot for our s…
The journal writing spot for our …
Note to self.  You are in a rainfo…
Note to self. You are in a rainf…
The journal writing spot for our s…
The journal writing spot for our …
mmmm Tuna Steak sandwich
mmmm Tuna Steak sandwich
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