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I would like to share with you some of my travel-wisdom, as I managed to free some time to write those tips while sipping iced chocolate and looking over beautiful Athens (make sure to check the photos).

Enjoy them and feel free to violate any of those :

1. Don't follow tourist. They will lead you to touristic places

2. When leaving a scene, look back, you'll get the best view of it

3. To Athens, travel when you're young or either if you have bionic knees.

4. You can't get lost when you explore

5. Don't ask what's in it. If you do so, good chance you'll miss good food.

6. Cablecar or stairs ? CABLECAR.

7. Thank you. Please. Sorry. - learn those in the local language. Those won't help you to get around. Just to be a nicer tourist.

8. Traffic jams ain't attraction in any country. Avoid.

9. The best way to get over a jet lag is with a massive hang over.

10. Speaking loud and slow won't make them understand English.

11. Three things you'll find anywhere in the world : coca cola, mcdonalds and those Indians playing pan flute music at the main square.

12. If you don't get a window seat, it is better to stay on ground and wait for the next flight.

13. To all of you who talk about me and think I can't understand your language. Well, think again.

14. The only world-wide hand gesture is giving your middle finger.
Aquedita says:
Hahaha, I love nr 9! So true :)
You have a really good sense of humor and I liked your photos form Athens. Never been there, maybe one day.
Posted on: Mar 02, 2011
TravellinChic says:
Great tips :) I follow #7. It actually helps and I believe it was these magic words that prevented me from experiencing the stereotyped rude French people in Paris. :)

#9 seem to be a good idea..too bad I cant experiment on it...I barely drink :P

I chose able car on the great wall and believe its a good decision bec even with the cable car, walking around for the next station (to go down) was very tiring esp with the summer heat at that time :P
Posted on: Dec 14, 2010
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photo by: Johnpro